Do you like to keep active and track your progress? Of course you do; that’s why you’re on this website!

Fitness tracking is just one of the ways in which exercise buffs can use mobile devices to complement their routines. Tracking apps such as Strava and Endomondo are well known amongst fitness fanatics, while there are plenty of apps which are great for other facets. For example planning a short workout for when time is tight, finding the right music to get you going, arranging a personalised workout plan or keeping an eye on your calorie usage.

That all sounds great, we hear you thinking, but amongst the ocean of fitness apps available, how do you know which ones are worth downloading? This infographic is a very good starting point.

What we find is that categories like fitness tacking and workout personalisation are not mutually exclusive. The Johnson & Johnson 7-Minute Workout, while primarily an app for fitting in a workout on borrowed time, can be customised based on your level of fitness. Similarly, Sworkit is also a quick workout app by trade, but includes music options from Spotify so that you can set the perfect motivational playlist.

No two people’s fitness capabilities and workout goals are the same, which is why apps like these are excellent for organising a fitness routine to suit you. The days of following an off-the-shelf workout program are over; check out these brilliant apps to create the exercise plan that’s just right for you.