Apple does one thing differently to most other companies. They always ask “why” before asking any other questions.

The “why” is what gives them purpose. It gets them motivated to achieve something as a team, as a company. Most businesses fail to do this. That’s why companies like Apple have soared past conventional businesses to achieve unprecedented success!

The norm in business is to ask “what” before asking “why”. But without purpose, your “what” will lead you nowhere far. “What” you do isn’t nearly as important as “why” you do it. The “why” is necessary to influence the actual product or service you provide. If you’re focusing too much on “what” you do, people won’t see a reason to purchase from you.

This is where Apple has taught us a valuable lesson. I must give Simon Sinek credit here for pointing this out. Apple doesn’t say, “We make computers,” but rather, “We challenge the industry norm in information technology.”

Why does your business exist? Why are you doing what you do? Why should customers choose you over your competitors? Do you see what a difference this three-lettered question can make? Once you determine your purpose, the “what“ of your business will take care of itself. Everything and everyone will work together to achieve the purpose you’ve set for your company.

So, follow Apple’s example in this infographic by The Website Group and give your business a marketing strategy to strive for. It’s the “why” that will motivate you, your staff and your customers — and that means growth for your business.