2019 is fast rolling, and it is the perfect time to talk about the most anticipated tech trends for this year. With many tech fields expecting a breakthrough this year, there’s so much to highlight in regards to technological advancements. Tech enthusiasts will not tell exactly what will happen but can follow the trends and predict the next big moves in the tech industry.

Top Predictions in the Tech Industry for 2019

1. Security will step up its game

Most online users now reckon that data security is crucial but has been a problem for quite a long time. Most of them agree that some of the issues hampering data security should be sorted in the earlier stages of development. Lately, many companies have put the data of their customers on the line.

Business leaders, programmers and other developers have therefore found the need to tighten the knot when it comes to matters of data security. Businesses are even trying to find ways of incorporating security measures into their DevOps process and also avoiding coding errors that could end up being security loopholes.

2. Cyber security will continue to face new threats

Experts in the tech industry predict that this year will witness a new form of cyber-attack: cyber-physical hacking. In the past, cyber-attacks have been centered around ransomware, which have had the potential of destroying the digital assets of a company.

It seems we are about to move away from the cyberspace towards the physical world. Attacks on surveillance systems, manufacturing apparatus, and data centers have had a huge negative impact on some of the biggest tech companies in the tech industry to the extent of shutting down their operations. Sadly, this is predicted to take a higher gear.

3. Accelerated adoption of containers

Containers have been a major topic of discussion in most DevOps meetups. Since the cloud itself, containers seem to be the hottest subject in enterprise IT technology and the tech industry at large.

The shift is now from containers themselves headed towards cloud-native tech necessary for a container platform. Soon, firms will start to focus on what containers are meant to achieve—global applications and multi-cloud operations—instead of containers themselves.

4. 5G

The evolution in mobile communication has been fast, faster than most of us would have expected. 4G was once a concept in the tech industry that has already turned into reality, with most of the smartphones now being 4G-enabled.

With 5G set to be actualized soon, we can only wait and see what its effect on business opportunities, telecom companies and mobile phone manufacturers. By reading some of the wi-fi range extender reviews, there is an anticipated explosion of data as most devices prepare to utilize 5G with its almost zero-latency feature for real-time sharing of data.

5. Big data will have a huge effect

Those who are also following tech updates have surely heard of big data. It is expected to change everything about data handling for enterprises. This term was all over articles about technology a few years back, but its popularity has recently fizzled out. However, this seems like the year that big data will come out strong, bringing forth unique algorithms of data handling and manipulation for enterprises that handle huge amounts of data.

6. Fintech Will Massively Encroach Financial Institutions’ Space

Over the last five years, fintech has revealed its potential and how it can impact the financial world. What started as a beautiful idea industry has turned out to be a concept that financial institutions such as banks can longer ignore.

Fintech has proven capable of handling the banking services that banks and other financial institutions are offering, including savings accounts and determination of credit scores. Fintech will once again show the perfect blend between the tech sector and the financial sector.

7. Robotics

Robots have long been seen as the perfect strategy to deal with cognitive load by the tech industry. As companies look for a way of reducing it, automation seems like the best way out. Although robotics is not a new technology 2019 will witness, it seems to be best suited for such automation in a bid to reduce cognitive load.

It is predicted that robotics will hugely influence the way industries such as manufacturing, finance, supply chain, and even retail will run their operations down-up. Be ready to witness the introduction of AI workers and software robots into the tech industry as organizations strive to leverage automation.

8. Blockchain

Blockchain has slowly broken away from cryptocurrency and has lately found its way into other industries. We are talking of areas such as data sharing, supply chain management, title transfers, payment capabilities, and even digital voting.

Blockchain has already shown its potential with the growth of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. The technology behind blockchain will prove to be very crucial to tech business from its ability to propel distributed tasks and functions.

9. Machine and deep learning

Huge amounts of data are at the disposal of users, and there is a need for analyzing it and making the most out of it. Enterprises are heavily using bitwise and python language and techniques to ensure that their data is learning and improving through training. This year, expect an increased demand for workers who can handle and process data due to its increased supply.

10. Smart cars

The speed that the auto industry has been moving at is impressive and is not slowing any time soon. More smart cars are expected to hit the road this year, especially with the much-anticipated rollout of 5G. Vehicles that are being released by companies such as Tesla are even allowing features such as personal assistants. Again, 5G is expected to make autonomous driving safer and more secure.


2019 seems to be the year of breakthrough for most of the tech current events such as fintech and data security. At least, most of these sectors will register some growth and advancement. Similarly, there are technological advancements that you will not witness yet—don’t wait for flying cars this year.

What other tech predictions are you making for 2019? Feel free to share your predictions by leaving your comments.