An online marketing plan is a document designed and thought to include the objectives and strategies of your company in the online world, that is to say, it is a step-by-step guide with the actions that we have to realize to reach the objectives we have marked. The online marketing plan must adapt to the business and never the business adapt to it, and each one is customized completely and there are no several plans in action at the same time. Let’s see what question you must consider making an effective and successful online marketing plan.

1 – How would you sell your brand or product?

If a company is not able to convince itself with a valuable proposition, it will be very difficult to convince hundreds of users in what you are not convinced yourself.

2 – What is the target to which it is directed?

We must know very well the public that we are going to direct in the online marketing campaign; the more information we have, the better the results will be.

3 – Who are the competitors? What useful information do you have about them?

Knowing the date of the competition will be very useful to make a comparative analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the company with other competitors.

4 – Have you done any branding campaigns?

Without a branding campaign of a company, it is very difficult to reach the acceptable and reasonable goals in the online marketing strategy you are going to design.

5 – Does the company have a style or a corporate manual?

We have to see what things the company has already made, and we can use among them is the style manual, also known as corporate manual, which will help us to understand better the image the company wants to communicate to its target market.

6 – What is the differentiating element?

If a brand does not have a different bet and value and does not have an element that makes it different from the rest, it is very difficult to succeed in online marketing strategy. Thus, focus on coming up with a USP.

7 – Why would you like to be present on social networks?

We should not be served in vain or superficial answers, but we need real and reasoned answers for great results.

8 – What are the objectives of business?

The whole effort is made to achieve objectives. In simple words, set the objective that are realistic, so that reasonable efforts can be made to archive them.

9 – What are the main channels where you want to be?

We must know the scope of the online marketing plan, and all channels where you want your brand to have presence.

10 – What budget do you have for online marketing plan?

The difficult and necessary question, we need to know what budget we have to design the complete plan, so that we can make a realistic plan.

Based on the answers, you can surely make an effective online marketing plan.

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