Buying a new home is risky especially when you’re doing it without knowing its actual condition. Once you purchased your new property and problems hidden between walls and under the floors start springing up, then you’re sure that you’ll hurt your wallet.

Having the targeted property inspected is a sure way of saving money in the long run since you’ll be knowing the actual value of the home you’re buying. There are many home inspectors available, but the best have ten traits in common.

An excellent home inspector has years of experience and a list of references that could vouch for the inspector you’re aiming to hire.

Possessing a current license means that the best long island home inspectors passed the qualifications of the Home Inspection Professional License Law, but an excellent home inspector possesses additional certification from other organizations like the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.

The best inspector undergoes continuous training to hone their skills especially since license renewal is required every two years.

Excellent home inspectors are knowledgeable of building rules and codes, and typical home conditions in different areas, diligent, insured, excellent communicating, physically capable, and able to deliver professional reports.

This infographic by Tauscher Cronacher contains more information about the common traits of the best home inspectors.

10 Traits That Excellent Home Inspectors Have in Common