It is the first step towards success if you are aspiring to be a Data Scientist. Big Data Analytics and all the associated tasks performed by Data Scientists are exponentially growing and that is what makes this profession a must to upscale the ladder of success. After pursuing Big data analytics course, Data Scientists are currently being hired by multinational companies round the globe and soon would replace marketing agents and managers since a Data Scientist has more skills on number of how to maximize it than its equivalent counterpart. Still not sure; Here are 15 reasons why great learning of big data analytics for a career as data scientist will treat you with success.

  1. Big Data Is the Priority

Nowadays, big data is being considered precious and it is being treated by multinational companies to churn more profit than using any traditional method. According to estimates, more than 77% of the organizations consider data as an important aspect for driving business performance up and above.

  1. it’s everywhere

Well, since 77% of the organizations have already calibrated the importance of big data analytics and have started using it, it is everywhere. As of now, every sector of organizations, companies, firms, etc have big data being flown in their system and results are being processed to drive future policies.

  1. Variety of Job Titles To Choose

As a profession, you won’t be stuck at a single job profile for years. As soon as you have adequate knowledge and experience with big data analytics course, you will get promoted to the next level since there are multiple profiles to choose from. Data Analyst, Big Data Engineer, Metrics and Analytics Specialist, Data Analytics Consultants are few of the profiles.

Revenue Streams : Acquiring knowledge about big data, you can maximize your earnings by exploiting the forever unexploited revenue streams.

  1. It’s Spreading Faster Than Fire

More than 77% top organizations have already signed up for data scientists in their organizations and within 3 years, it will be one of the top career options to choose from. To conclude, the field of data scientist is spreading like fire.

  1. Higher Adoption Rate

Companies adapt to technologies and channels trending to promote their business and make profit out of it. From social media presence to data scientists, the adoption rate of any aspiring big data analysis is higher than ever.

  1. Vivid Work Options

As it is popular and currently in demand, you can choose the city or coast or even country you would like to work in and you will be employed pretty much easily. This gives you freedom over living in new places earning comparatively higher payouts.

  1. It is the Sexist Job

According to a review posted by Harvard Business, being a Data Scientist is the sexiest job of 21st Century.  This is because the profession is hot and many organizations and companies are roping in to recruit a data scientist over other counterparts. Companies like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and Google are few in the process of hiring skilled data scientist.

  1. Various Education Options

Apart from major degrees, universities have created minor courses as well as plenty of other methods to acquire a degree in data scientist. Moreover, it is a widespread job profile with people having degrees in computer science, statistics, mathematics, natural science, business, economics, and more. Thus, anyone aspiring to be data scientists can give an interview and he/she will be recruited towards the job in return of better services.

  1. There’s no competition

Essentially, a data scientist is required to mine data and extract it based on the key phrases and trends that will be fed onto the software system. Furthermore, since this job profile is comparatively newer, there is an extreme shortage in the number of data scientists at many companies and knowing the fact that this profession is in demand with high payout and other benefits, there not much competition that actually gives you chance to grow.

  1. Job Hunting Is Easy

HR and Recruiters are the one who recruit people for any and every job profile in a company or firm. However, with the increasing demand and shortage of candidates under data scientist profile, companies have set up independent recruiters solely responsible for recruiting candidates under this profession. Job hunting has become relatively easier with excellent compensation and financial benefits.

  1. Certification Is Healthy

With little to no competition, the chances of getting promoted are lot higher. It is estimated that the candidates who have acquired certain certification in data science earn more than the double of what non-certified professional would earn otherwise. The promotion graph for certificate and non-certified professional shows a difference of 51% and 20% chances of growth respectively.

  1. Increasing Jobs

Data Scientist is relatively new profile and still has a lot of vacancies to be filled. With more companies joining the wagon, the job opportunities are overshooting that makes it easier to get a job.

  1. The payout is escalating

With growing demand and popularity, the payout an average data scientist have grown over 50% compared to their equivalent counterparts.

  1. Payout for Managers

Once you have acquired experience enough to be promoted to the Manager level, you can enjoy high payouts and incentives greater than other counterparts job profiles. It is estimated that a L3 Manager would earn around quarter million dollars as salary every year.

  1. You will be at the centre

This is a leading profession where the data scientist remains at the core of decision-making cycle since he has crunched those numbers of target, sales, profit, and losses, etc and that is what gives an excellent job satisfaction.

The above are the 15 reasons of great learning the concept like big data analytics as a career in data scientists. Few of the major benefits are high payout, availability of jobs, various education options, freedom to travel and get hired in any country, and more. Data Science has transformed many logical problems that the business can use for decision-making which has made it an efficient and in-demand profession.