To some, “growth hacking” might seem like the latest buzzword in marketing, but the practice is much more than a buzzword, and requires absolute focus on one thing: Growing as fast as possible. This clever phrase was coined by Sean Ellis and has been popularized by fast-growing startups.

But growth hacking is not just for those starting out – it’s for smart marketers and forward-thinking businesses. This infographic from BD Ventures highlights some of the best growth hacks you can use right now.


However, to the victor go the spoils. Isn’t that how the saying goes? We all know that there is light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. But, how do you get there? How do you move from your present situation of struggling to keep your head above water, to swimming in a sea of profits? Is it easy? No. Definitely not. But, there are growth hacking strategies you can employ, right now, to take your business to the next level. Henry Ford once put it very eloquently. He said that, “Whether you think you can do a thing or you think you can’t do a thing, you are right.” Meaning that mindset is everything. It forms the basis for out ability to grow our business no matter what stage we’re in. You see, if you’ve given up mentally, you’ve already lost the battle. The key to winning lies in your mind. It all starts and ends there.

1. Build an irresistible offer and work backwards.
2. Pay attention to the user experience.
3. Build a value-driven lead magnet.
4. Nurture subscribers with an email sequence.
5. Focus on conversions and optimization.
6. Segment your lists based on actions.
7. Re-engage and re-market with pixels.
8. Monetize your customers through life-time value.
9. Improve your website’s speed.
10. Carefully evaluate your analytics.