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One of the common challenges faced by many business owners, whether their brand offers a product or a service is the lack of website traffic. Some grumble about having lost a significant percentage of its traffic over the last few years, while there are others who are

There was one time when driving traffic to your website was an easy task. You just had to make sure your web pages had certain keywords in the right places so that the search engines could locate them. However, the game has changed now. With rising costs and the technology changing at rapid speeds, the use of keywords falls behind in the race when your website is competing against millions of others.

So, no matter what the case is, you’ll always probably be looking to increase the number of visitors to your website, and that does not mean you need to put up the next viral video (which probably might work as well). All you need is few tricks and knowledge up your sleeve that will give you an edge over your competitors. So, here are some actionable tips for getting the needed traffic to your website.

1. Provide website link on your social media profile

Using social media is an obvious choice, and there are many ways in which you can actually use it to your benefit. One of the ways is to give your website link on your social media profile.

Get rid of your laziness and complete your social media profiles, especially the information related to your business, such as the website link and contact numbers. So, when people visit your social media profile, they can quickly navigate to your website for more information.

2. Put up ads

This is the simplest form of advertisement where you put clickable assets such as banners on other websites which usually get higher user traffic.

3. Social media ads

These ads help you to target your specific audience efficiently especially with Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

4. Paid ads

If the above doesn’t work well, then you have an option of paid ads such as Google AdWords. The format is simple where you just pay per click. The traffic will be driven to your website depending on certain keyword searches.

5. Promoting content

Social media is where the whole world is meeting. So, don’t take a back seat here and push your onsite content into your social media channels so that it is found easily and clicked on more often.

6. Social Media Contests

One of the best ways to get more attention for your website as well as your brand is to have social media contests. It is a well-utilized tool in these regards which does its work of enticing people to get them to visit your website.

7. Infographics

While quizzes work great, infographics work even better, and they are easy to share as well.

8. Social Media Groups

Social media sites are a lot more capable than you might imagine, and so don’t undermine the power of social media groups. The simplest way to increase visibility is to be involved and post on Facebook or LinkedIn groups along with using the power of #hashtags on Twitter.

9. Don’t forget Call-to-Action

Everything requires a reason, and your website should be no different to that. Give people some good reason to visit your website and spend time on it. If your website does not give direction as to what the visitor must do, then it is as good as having no website at all.

10. Use blog posts

Start blogging on popular sites to gain more attention for your work. Also, make sure you include links to your posts when you send out emails. Traffic to your blog posts can increase significantly when you provide links to various places.

11. Don’t ignore the headlines

The headlines are what stir up the interest among people, forcing them to click your links. As per many studies, almost 60% of the links that are shared on social networks don’t get clicked, and so headlines play an important role in driving traffic.

12. Post more frequently

The more posts you publish, the more likely is your website to get hits. But having said that, it is also important that whatever you share is of good quality and gives value to the readers.

13. Have guest posts on your site and be a guest to post on others

One of the popular ways these days is to have major influencers take a spot on your blog. While they earn visibility with your followers, you get similar benefits by earning a share of their audience as well. You can also contribute to guest posts on other related blogs which will help you gain more popularity.

14. Explore new channels

Start your YouTube channel, podcasts, email newsletter or host a webinar. All these channels have gained significant traction these days, which when used efficiently will be a great medium to promote your website content.

15. Respond to comments and answer questions

All your blogs and posts will get comments and feedback, and to engage with your audience it is necessary to respond to them thoughtfully. Not only that, but you can also take some time to answer questions relevant to your niche on Quora or Yahoo Answers, which is another great way to gain followers and drive traffic to your website.

16. Easy to share content

Make your content easily shareable so that your readers can help promote you. Make sure to have the needed share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram and other networks along with a good article with great headline and images.

17. Give added value to your target market

Added value can be a free ebook, white paper, free samples or any kind of service related to your business for which you wouldn’t charge your audience. Personalize it if you can, and make sure your audience can share and use it as and when they want.

18. Build Links

Link building is the term associated with generating inbound links that point back to your site from other websites. It not only helps you with search engine optimization and branding but also brings along the followers of another site to your website.

19. Be content aggregator friendly

Content aggregators are sites such as StumbleUpon that provide a quick and easy place to submit your content. They are similar to link building but with the difference that you use this website with the sole intention of sharing links to your website. To make sure you reap the needed benefits, make your site content aggregator friendly so that they should be able to share a link to your site in their feed if they like what they see on your site.

20. Have a content marketing strategy

Content is the essence of the whole online world and if what you publish lacks quality, then make an effort to rectify it and built some good quality content. Every new piece of content that you publish must be capable of attracting as many viewers as possible.

While driving traffic to your website is a process that would take some time, you should always have a strategy in place to focus on increasing the visitors. These are just some of the ideas on the basis of which you construct a strategy but you need not use all of them. Experiment with a few as per your strategic plans and make the most out of those that work the best for you. [Thugstart]