9 Different Ways Of Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Serious business owners have been investing to Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality, and the market is as large as the desktop market today. AR and VR can be used in nine ways, and the transformation is under way.

Video games – gamers insist on the best graphics and the revenue from gaming is expected to be $5.1billion in 2016. Lessons can be learned from the industry and with games such as VOID, you find virtual and physical worlds merged so you can play in a specially designed theme park.


Healthcare – these were some of the forerunners when it comes to using AR and VR. Health professionals were trained with the systems, and a big advantage is that training can be held safely.


Real Estate – architects gain from the processes as houses can be shown in a fun way. Sotheby’s estate agents are marketing the condominium development in First Hill and use VR headsets to allow viewers a clearer view of the inside of the building.


Engineering – projects can be safely tested throughout the term of the job.


Education and Training – this could be public schools or the military and complex theories can be studied at a sensible price.

Military – no harm can come to personnel training with VR and AR. Scenarios can be shown, and knowledge gleaned.


Live Events – VR will be very important when it comes to living to stream. NextVR and VReal are pioneers and offer 3D VR experiences. The National Collegiate Athletics Association allowed fans to watch the tournament between Villanova and North Carolina in VR.