Running a successful business today requires more than the ability to deliver a product or service of high-quality. When you want to maximize your reach and lead generation, creating an online presence and using apps available on-the-go is a must. Keeping up with the latest trends in downloadable apps is a way to stay ahead of your competition while increasing productivity and communication in the workplace. Some of the best apps for business needs are available on both iOS and Android devices free of charge.


Communication is a key element for any successful brand or business. Having the ability to communicate efficiently and effectively with your team has never been easier than with the advent of Slack.

Slack is one of the leading apps used in business that helps streamline communication among team members and employees. With its simplistic interface, sending private messages or launching a group chat only requires a few seconds. Slack is an optimal business app for companies who work with remote employees, contractors, or large teams. Send updates, news, and even share photos, videos, and documents in less time than with a traditional email setup. Using Slack is highly advisable for teams on-the-go or teams working in start-ups, especially if your email system is outdated or requires more effort than simply sending quick messages. Additionally, Slack offers the ability to schedule meetings and conferences, ensuring your team is always updated with the latest information in the office.


If you are in the business of selling products or services, using Square is highly recommended. Square provides business owners with the opportunity to generate sales with credit and debit cards even when you are traveling or out of town. Selling on-the-go has never been simpler with the use of the Square card reader which attaches directly to your iOS or Android phone. Whether you are selling at a local craft fair or attending a networking conference, Square allows you to accept more than traditional cash transactions.


What is chargeback? Chargeback occur when a customer files a dispute with their credit card company on an individual charge that has been made to their account. Oftentimes, chargebacks occur when there is fraud or an incorrect charge made, although it can be as simple as requesting a refund. When a chargeback occurs, the merchant that originally charged the consumer is required to pay the funds back to the customer. With the use of Square, merchants are protected with liability insurance up to $250 each month, protecting you from losing out on sales and generated revenue.


Canva is one of the most popular design apps designed for both individuals and businesses alike. If you do not have professional graphic design or illustrating experience, Canva is one solution that delivers for small and large businesses alike.

With Canva, create graphics for your social media accounts, your official website, or even event flyers to promote an upcoming gathering that involves your business. Using Canva is possible with both desktop computers or mobile smartphones, allowing you to design images and illustrations on the fly or while working in your office. Canva offers premade templates and designers to get started with if you are unsure of where to begin. Changing colors and implementing your brand’s color scheme is simple and only requires a few clicks.

With Canva, avoid hiring professional designers or overextending your design budget with high-cost templates available on alternative websites. While Canvas is free to use and offers thousands of graphics and illustrations to get started, it also provides premium templates and designs for small fees (often $1 each).

With the right business-centric apps, increase the number of sales and revenue you generate in less time than without the use of applications. Whether you are selling homemade items or an entire line of products, using apps designed for the workplace helps to streamline productivity and efficiency among all of your team members.