Adult responsibilities tend to come in waves; just when you think you’ve finally got a handle on things, everyone needs you to help with something else. From meetings and travel to school events and family obligations, it can be hard to find time to attend to your own life. If you feel like you just can’t keep everything organized, these tips might help you get a handle on things.

Have Somewhere to Write Things Down

Several psychological studies have shown a link between writing information down and remembering it. Although this knowledge is often applied to students who need to take notes in their classes, it can also make a great trick for the average person who needs to stay more organized.

After you hear an important piece of information, make a plan with someone, or remember a task you really need to take care of, take a moment to write it down by hand. Moving your hand along the page will ingrain the information into your memory and make it more likely that you’ll recall it later – even if you don’t actually look at the notes again.

Of course, if you don’t have pen and paper on hand, it can be hard to remember to write down the thing you need to remember. Try adding a magnetic notepad to your fridge so you can jot things down quickly. Place the notepad at eye level so that you’ll get a reminder of your plans when you go to prepare your next meal.

Free Up Your Storage Space

The little things can make a huge difference in how your day to day life feels. According to an article by Psychology Today, people who describe their living space as “cluttered” are more likely to be depressed and exhausted than people who can describe their home as “restful.” All of those unfinished projects collecting dust on your shelves may actually be stressing you out.

A good place to start decluttering is your garage. Once you’ve cleaned out old junk and organized the shelves, you’ll have space to put away things that are filling up your main living area. One quick way to free up a lot of space is to put your RV into storage. An indoor RV storage facility will make sure that your camper doesn’t take weather damage, and you get an entire parking space back in your garage or driveway. You can also create space by throwing out broken items you won’t have time to repair, donating old books and clothes, and generally clearing out anything that you haven’t used in a long time.

Avoid Activities That Consume All of Your Time

Just as a large item might be taking up space in your storage closet, so might an activity be taking up all of your free time. If you find yourself continually pressed for time and unable to finish all of your tasks, take a minute and consider what’s on your to do list. Are all of the activities things that benefit you, your family, or your career?

It can also be helpful to write down everything you do over the day, to see where you’re spending all of your energy. Sometimes the culprit is a fun activity that tends to drain time when you aren’t paying attention, like an addictive mobile game or a TV show you can’t stop watching. If the activity is something you really enjoy, don’t cut it completely; but you may consider reducing the time you spend on it so you can focus on your personal life.

After reviewing your daily schedule, you might find out that you’re spending all your time doing favors for other people. Helping is great when you have the time to do so, but this isn’t always the case. You might have a hard time saying no, which can result in you finishing cupcakes for the bake sale while your own project sits by the wayside. Slow down for a minute before you say yes to a task, and think about whether you have the time to comfortably finish it.

An organized life looks different for each person. Some people dream of maintaining a perfect schedule; others like to live day to day, but don’t want to miss any more appointments. Whatever your organization goals are, know that you can reach them by taking your time, writing things down, and putting in the work to get things done.