A chatbot is a computer program that conducts a discussion through textual or auditory techniques. It is also called an Artificial Conversational Entity, interactive agent, IM bot, Bot, chatterbot or a talkbot. These sort of programs are frequently developed to persuasively mimic how a human would act like a conversational partner, thus passing the Turing test.

Chatbots are characteristically utilized in dialog systems for numerous applied commitments encompassing information acquisition or customer service. A few chatterbots incorporate sophisticated natural language processing systems, however, numerous simpler systems look for keywords within the input. After this, they pull a reply with the most identical keywords from a database.

Nowadays, there has been observed an increase in the adoption of chatbots into customer service and other business departments. This is leading to a rise in chatbot development. So, it is important for all the developers to keep an eye on the latest trends.

In order to help you out, let’s look at how chatbot industry will evolve in this year.

  1. There Will Be Advances in AI Development

It has been constantly argued that AI technologies were still in its infancy in the previous year. There was not Chabot that could pass Turing test. However, there are a few exciting progressions in AI development. The most significant news was published by Google DeepMind Regarding AlphaGo Zero.

It was generated without utilizing information from human games and turned out to be tougher than the older version. The announcement of AlphaGo Zero possibly modified the way we developed AI software in the future. It means that information would become less crucial, and the key would be discovering the cases where you could get a good volume of recapitulations, so the AI system could iterate quick sufficiently to enhance itself.

This is an important benefit because of the massive degree of conversions a chatbot could perform with users, for the chatbot development. Nevertheless, we still have to point out the technique to authenticate the answers. In the coming time period, developers are expected to work for on advancement in AI to enhance conversational capabilities of a chatbot.

  1. Voice Experiences Is Expected To Go Mainstream

Last year proved to be a very good time for voice interfaces because of the effort from Google and Amazon. This was done to push forward the smart speakers market. Official data Amazon suggests that Amazon has already sold over twenty million echo devices and more than twenty thousand skills available on Alexa store.

On the contrary, Google is making an effort to produce assistants available on all Android devices like smart speakers, smart tv, Andriod wear, and Smartphones. We all witnessed numerous bot producers like storyline or pull-string coming to market to assist companies to develop voice-based chatbots.

In the coming time period, this trend is expected to continue. We probably witness early success from some voice bots. Nevertheless, there are many difficulties on the table developers must resolve to take Voice UI to the mainstream.

  1. 3. Blockchain Will Be The Surprise Ally for Chatbot

Lastly, we all have witnessed the hyper-growth of cryptocurrencies where Etherum and Bitcoin are making headlines for all major media news. It has been seen that Bitcoin already passed eighteen thousand dollars milestone. Believe it or not, we can actually see that blockchain is quickly changing the technology landscape.

A few players in the chatbot field have already begun to play around with this new technology. Let’s take into consideration Kik; it launched their own crypto-token “KIP” that generated 100M$ to develop the virtual economy in its messaging platform. An additional chatbot company known as Sensay is also gambling big on the blockchain. They introduced the Sense token to give its human network of advice givers enticement to utilize the bot and continue giving information on subjects on relationships (most popular) and tips to find dank memes.

With the constant growth in the blockchain, it is expected that more chatbot companies will take benefit of cryptocurrencies to build up their value proposition.