When it comes to growing your company, there are many speed bumps you’ll have to learn to navigate. One of the steepest initial learning curves comes with building your company’s online credibility. In order to grow your brand and increase your client base, it’s essential to have a strong website that is driving online traffic. While marketing may seem like a gamble, it’s actually an art form. Fortunately there are many tips and tricks of the trade that you can pick up on, learn and improve upon to grow your company.

  1. Raise Your SEO Score

Search engine optimization is essential in order to have a recognizable brand and gain customers. When someone searches for a product or service that your company provides, it’s crucial to have your company appear on the top search results. It doesn’t matter how professional and appealing you company is if no one is able to easily access the company online.

There are strategies that you can follow to raise your SEO score. In order to appear higher in search engine results, you need to be publishing relevant content on a regular basis. The key to a high SEO score is quality content that is structured to drive website traffic. In order to increase traffic, you need to identify and use keywords and phrases for each content page. Repetition of key phrases and words is essential for increasing SEO.

In addition, content needs to be regularly added and updated. It isn’t enough to have a one time blog post or landing page that utilizes keywords. Consider hiring freelance writers to add blog articles on a daily or weekly basis in order to increase website content. However, ensure that your content is always quality work and never sacrifice quality for quantity.

Your website text should also be filled with relevant links that are rich in keywords. This will enormously improve you SEO rankings and also draw traffic to the pages being linked. Be sure to have your links be keywords in order to provide added value to your readers.

Additionally, alt tags are important for allowing your page to be located by search engines. You should also focus on inserting metadata on your webpages in order to provide information about the page contents.

  1. Work With An Agency

Whether you’re new to building brand awareness or are a seasoned vet, there is always more to learn, and seeking professional guidance from a marketing agency will be very beneficial. Marketing agencies are focused on optimizing your company’s potential by performing marketing research and implementing a strategy to maximize company profits.

If “marketing agency” seems like a broad term to you, you aren’t incorrect. There are actually a number of different marketing agencies to choose from based on your company’s unique and specific needs. The three most common types of marketing agencies are digital marketing, telemarketing and marketing communications consultancies.

Digital marketing services will assist you in utilizing the full potential of the Internet and social media in order to target as many potential customers and clients as possible. Digital marketing teams are essential in improving websites to maximize SEO and assisting in navigating social media to optimize your exposure.

Meanwhile, telemarketing agencies can assist you company by offering marketing services from the phone. Telemarketing companies act as a call center in order to provide advertising and direct marketing campaign services. You can also use telemarketing to take orders and provide details to inquisitive customers.

Lastly, marketing consultancies are experts in developing and planning communications, including newsletters, magazines, brochures and guides. Marketing communications agencies offer production, writing and design services. They are also a vital player in launching new products and providing insight.

  1. Social Media Marketing

We’re living in the digital age, and that means social media is a key player in growing brands. The Internet and technology are constantly changing the game, and when it comes to having a strong company, social media marketing is essential for growing your brand and reaching new clients.

You will need to have a social media strategy planned out for each of your social media channels. Planning ahead is key to presenting a coherent and consistent company image. It’s crucial to post consistently on all of your social media channels in order to build brand consistency and keep your audience engaged. Devise a plan for how often you wish to post and what various types of content you wish to post and utilize social media scheduling to reach your goals.

Make sure that the content you are publishing, though it should be regular, is always of the highest quality. Ensure that each post is entertaining and relevant and be mindful of not overwhelming or annoying your audience with too much content. It’s important to understand your clientele and be aware of who you are trying to reach in order to post relevant content. A prime way to engage and interest audiences is to utilize images to draw customers in.

Lastly, it’s essential to analyze your growth on your social media platforms. Experiment with a variety of different social media posts, such as videos, photos, text and podcasts. See what posts are driving the most traffic and what times of the day see the highest views. Be sure to engage with your audience and monitor views, impressions, clicks, engagement, likes, comments and interactions.