Starting an online business can be a hectic ordeal. The excitement of embarking on a new business venture is balanced by the anxiety associated with leaving financial security. While there are many advantages to starting an online business, these companies face their own struggles on the internet. Brick and mortar businesses aren’t the only ones that face tough times. Many people are under the assumption that starting an online company is much easier. In reality, it still takes a lot of dedication and hard work to make online companies flourish. Here are three things that need to be in place to start your online business.

  1. Customer protection and privacy.

The internet has transformed the way customers shop. In 2000, just 22 percent of consumers shopped online. This number has grown to 79 percent of shoppers in recent years. This means that 8 out of 10 shoppers in the United States are doing so online through stores or e-commerce websites. When starting an online business, many people see these numbers as potential customers. In fact, many people enter into this endeavor because of these impressive statistics. In reality, online shoppers are sometimes pickier than when shopping in real stores. Shoppers are careful about the websites with which they share valuable information such as their address and credit card number. Before starting an online business it is critical to have the proper safety measures that make customers feel safe. The most common form of customer protection is known as an SSL or digital certificate. Most computers will warn a customer if a website doesn’t have this layer of protection. Make sure your website has the necessary safeguards before going live.

  1. Gather a stockpile of your products.

There is nothing worse than having a great first day of sales and not being able to keep up with the number of orders. Many online businesses make the mistake of not having enough products available in the beginning months. People mistakenly assume that products can be ordered at the same rate that customers are buying the same items. Even if an online company could keep up with this speed, it would be unsustainable and a waste of time. When starting an online business, it is imperative to have enough products ready to be delivered. After doing a pre-launch or other form of estimation, order a suitable number of products and find a place to store them before the launch date. If you don’t have enough room at the office, search ‘ storage units near me ‘ online. A list of available storage units should be displayed. Choose one location nearby and stock all of your products there. When launch day arrives, you’ll be able to keep up with all of the orders with no hassle.

  1. An order fulfillment process.

Another common mistake made by online businesses is forgetting about the fulfillment process. Some people spend so much time focusing on perfecting their website and product that no attention is given to how these products will reach the customers. Before launching an online business, it is critical to have an outlined process for fulfilling orders. This process usually entails packaging a product, addressing it to the customer’s address and shipping it form the post office. Depending on the size of your online business, it may be beneficial to hire employees to streamline this fulfillment process. Ignoring this component of an online business can lead to customer complaints, requests for refunds and other avoidable issues. Before launching your website, make sure to have an efficient fulfillment process in order to keep up with customer orders.

Running an online business is not as easy as some people would like to believe. This business takes the same amount of dedication and hard work that all successful companies require. These three tips can help you get started in the right direction when starting an online business.

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Finn Pierson
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