Regardless of how happy we are with our home, we always look for ways to make it look even better. This shouldn’t stop at just redecorating your bedroom or living room. Why shouldn’t your home exterior shine just as much? You can show off the front and back of your house and create an inviting and welcoming atmosphere. Having a comfy and aesthetically pleasing house inside and out is the essence of nurturing that at-home feeling.

1. Repaint it

Before you start adding any décor to your home, it’s important to refresh it with a new layer of paint. This is a mandatory part of an exterior home design for all of those who want to have the perfect house. Don’t be afraid to be creative and completely change the outside design. You don’t have to stick to beige just because that’s what you did last time.

Incorporating two or more colours could also be one of your ideas. You don’t even have to stick to just paint. Panelling is a very practical and popular choice which gives the house that quint and charming look we always see in movies. If you want to add a personal touch, you can let each family member paint something in the small part of the back of the house.

2. Potted plants and flowers

Instead of fencing your house off from the rest of the world by putting up a literal fence, maybe it’s better to get creative and look to nature for inspiration. You can still have your privacy without making your house look like a fortress. Make a live fence from shrubs and flowers and watch your lot grow. You can opt for greenery if you’re aiming for a more minimalistic approach, or you can use flowers and play with colours.

Potted plants are also a great way to decorate your front and back yard. They can be put at the beginnings and endings of stone pathways, making a grand entrance to the house. Another idea is to hang them up on your porch and enjoy the warm atmosphere they create.

3. Outdoor lighting

Something that’s sweeping the exterior décor scene is definitely outdoor lighting. If you want your home to look welcoming and cute, you can’t let it be completely in the dark once the sun sets. There are a lot of outdoor lighting options, from vintage lampposts to modern in-ground lighting. Which model you choose depends entirely on you.

The more important thing about introducing outdoor lighting is opting for the right type of lighting. Instead of opting for the usual bulbs which are an eyesore, make the smart decision and turn to companies like Azoogi for your supply of quality led lights. They provide a comfortable and mild light which illuminates the path to the house and the porch but makes everything look much more aesthetically pleasing.

4. Front lawn furniture

If you’ve got a porch or a front lawn, there’s no reason you can’t decorate it with some stylish furniture. This will inspire you and your family members to be more social and participate in the life of your community. Even just a wicker couch or a few lawn chairs can do the trick.

Whatever you decide to put out, you should make sure to match the colours to the colour of your house. This will up the level of sophistication and make your home look much more appealing. A practical tip is to choose waterproof furniture because you won’t have to worry about sudden bursts of rain ruining your décor.


As you can see, it’s not impossible for the outside to look at good as the inside. Your house can be the brightest and most beautiful in the neighbourhood if you just pay some attention to detail. Let everyone who walks by me impressed and inspired by your impeccable taste. We’re confident these ideas will bring new shine to any old house.