There are a lot of ways for a new entrepreneur to show appreciation to their employees, yet, many of them have quite severe downsides. There are some that are generic, others that are ineffective and some that are simply too expensive. Fortunately, there are so many great gestures that you can make in order to get an amazing ROI and achieve just the effect that you were looking for all along. With that in mind and without further ado, here are four best employee appreciation ideas for new entrepreneurs.

1.      One-on-one meetings

Nothing hurts more than the idea that your voice is not heard or the idea that your voice simply doesn’t matter. The best way to avoid your employees from ever feeling this way is to sit down with them for a one-on-one meeting and discuss their future in your company, as well as talk about current affairs. For all those who believe that there’s no time for such a thing, there’s the statistic which shows that an average office worker wastes 31 hours each month on unnecessary meetings. By eliminating just half of this figure, you’ll gain more than enough time for some much-necessary one-on-one time.

2.      Celebrating personal milestones

There are so many great opportunities for celebration around the office and one that may seem the most effective (as an employee appreciation method) is celebrating a personal milestone. Celebrating an employee’s anniversary in your company or their birthday can be a special opportunity to put a single person on a pedestal for a day. Others won’t mind, seeing as how they also have a milestone of their own approaching and will expect similar treatment. You can follow up with a symbolic gift, of sorts. Here, it’s for the best to either have the person who knows them well pick a present or go for something fail-proof like a gift prepaid visa card which will allow them to pick their own present.

4 Best Employee Appreciation Ideas for New Entrepreneurs

3.      Actually paying attention

The art of active listening is not nearly as common or wide-spread as you would believe it to be. This is why people who have the knack for paying attention are often described as charismatic. As Robert Brault once said – charisma is not just saying hello, it’s dropping what you’re doing to say hello. Think about it this way, if, while giving feedback, you can make a mention of the exact contribution of an employee on an important process, you’re bound to make a good impression on them. Likewise, if you can mention something that they’ve previously mentioned (a detail from their private life or their personal interest) you could achieve a similar effect.

4.      Get something for the team

In order to be effective, a gift doesn’t have to be personal. You see, in order to reward your team for their outstanding performance, you can get a new pinball machine for the breakroom or invest in a new coffee machine for the office kitchen. In this way, you’re investing in your office, yet, seeing as how this is not something that’s directly involved in the work process, you won’t be seen as profit driven employer. Also, this is a great way for you to reward team spirit instead of individual effort.


By managing to show your staff just how much you appreciate them you’ll drastically increase their loyalty, thus making them work harder and try more. This gives you a direct boost in productivity. Other than this, you’ll also increase the efficiency of your talent retention and attraction efforts, thus making your hiring policy more efficient and your staff, overall, more skilled and experienced (on average). In other words, even if, at times, the above-listed five methods may seem as unnecessary or “too much work”, keep in mind that the return is more than worth it.