Location, Location, Location

Perhaps you’ve heard of the importance of location when it comes to scouting possible areas to start your business. They’re not joking either. It’s unlikely you’re going to find much traffic from the specific targeted audience that you need.

In addition, you don’t want to be out in the boonies either. No one is going to travel out of their way significantly for your business. Not unless you offer something life-altering, anyway. By keeping in mind the likelihood of your consumer’s travel patterns as well as understanding the trends of business, you can find the perfect area to start your business. To offer a few ideas, here are a few locations you may want to consider.

Laredo, Texas

What makes Laredo, Texas special? Perhaps the fact that it saw $283 billion worth of goods pass through its port. Typically, Laredo sees about half of the export and import business that the US conducts with Mexico. In particular, Laredo has become the key place for exporting vehicle parts. Best of all, however, is that the cost of living is actually 8% lower than the national average. Texas also has policies put into place to help new entrepreneurs get started, so they can have a successful run of owning their own business. Whether vehicle parts interest you, or you want to see what you can offer to the city of Laredo, there’s a lot of benefits that can be had by starting up here.

Port St. Lucie, Florida

If you’re interested in getting a taste of the Florida style of living, then you should hone in on Port St. Lucie. In this area, finances and health are the strongest industries in the field. These sectors continue to grow, so if your business idea coincides within these two sectors, you may have an excellent chance of doing well for yourself. In addition, St. Lucie has a cost of living that’s 3% lower than the nation’s average and rests in a prime location between Miami and Orlando. Besides being big on baseball, there’s also a strong golf presence here. This allows for a whole lot of room for entrepreneurs looking to bring their ideas to new areas. Finally, the Florida Virtual Entrepreneur Center helps start-ups connect with one another as well as assist in finding investors.

Springfield, Missouri

One of the hotbeds of startup activity is Springfield in Missouri. This area has seen a significant increase in its worker population as people have moved to the city. This is primarily due to the fact that Springfield boasts a cost of living that’s 22% below the national average. Millennials, especially, have moved here with their enthusiasm for good work. This means your restaurant which, focuses primarily on providing vegan sources of B12, will have a great chance at succeeding.  Plenty of start-ups have seen success here and with a population looking for work, you can be sure to have that workforce ready to go and help you succeed, too.

Durham, North Carolina

Interested in technology or research and development? Then you may want to set your sights on Durham, North Carolina. Due to its close association with Raleigh and Chapel Hill, Durham has seen a unique growth all its own, particularly in the tech field. The area mixes urban life with a small-town feel. It’s also considerably more affordable than some of the cities surrounding it. Typically, there are 30,000 people that move to Durham a year. They’re looking for work and eager to maintain it. For those who want to start up a business here, you can expect to receive tax cuts in order to help the growth of your business. With research and development facilities all around, you can benefit from that research faster than anyone else around.