Just about everyone, who runs a business, wants to increase their website’s click-thru rate. The most successful online marketers know a couple of proven secrets that allow them to turn more cold traffic into repeat buyers. Below are four of the most tried and tested methods that can increase website conversions to your website.

1. Offer a Free Resource To Get Traffic Into A Sales Funnel

One of the best ways to quickly get people to click thru your link and get on your mailing list is to offer a free resource. For instance, let’s say you run a website that sells high-end cooking equipment. You can offer a free list of 10 things every high-end kitchen needs. People then give you their e-mail address. You then deliver the free resource. Within the free resource, you can place links for your products page. Then you can use the ClickFunnels method to send these lead through a series of e-mails. Within this e-mail series, you can offer a low-price item and then upsell those buyers with higher ticket items. By the end of the 7 days or 30-day e-mail sequence, you will have gained a fair number of new customers. And it all started with something you offered for free.

2. Use the One Proven Color that Converts Best

If you run a website, then you know that a website writer and designer will do lots of A/B testing to see which designs, blog posts and call to actions will generate the most clicks. Well, did you know there is one color that leads to more clickthrough than any other color? Can you guess which color is that? Well, you’d be surprised to know that the answer is orange. Orange buttons, orange links and orange call to action phrases generate a higher click thru rate than any other color. In fact, one of the most successful online marketers of all time, Neil Patel, uses the color orange for all of his buttons and his call to action links. Several years ago Amazon – the world’s biggest online e-commerce company – switched their logo color from yellow to orange. That was not an accident. So, if you are redesigning your site, you should seriously consider going all orange.

3. Include Video

It’s a well-known secret that long copy ads lead to better conversion rates. That’s because people who are willing to read 10,000 words of copy are much more likely to buy. However, the most successful marketers know that long form videos work even better. Why? Because it is easy for someone to watch and listen to a 30-minute video than it is to read 10,000 words of copy. If you are trying to pitch someone on your product or service, consider a   video. Do not try to sell the person your product or until the end of the video. Someone who is willing to sit through 25 minutes of your content is “on the hook.” You can spend the last five minutes “reeling them in” with an exclusive offer. Remember, more people are watching videos online than they are reading copy. Take advantage of that.

4. Use Branded Links

Here’s the biggest problem marketers face. No one wants to click on a link if it looks suspicious. If you encourage people to click on a link, to buy your product, and it looks like this ex: http://xsjd7ssmd.com/dmnfnfneu-ei8dd, some people will think the link will not lead to a trusted source. It’s like inviting someone to walk into your store through a dark and dirty front door. Give your prospect ease of mind by using a branded link. For instance, if your company is named Luxhats, then your link should have your company’s name on it like ex. http://luxhats.com/fall-collection. A branded link will be a nice clean, shiny door that will be inviting for your prospects to explore.

If you want to improve your click thru rate, use methods that have already worked for others. By executing all the above four ideas, you will be much more likely to greatly improve your click thru rate and drive more sales.