One of the biggest trends in 2019 is optimizing your business. Maximum efficiency for maximum effectiveness is the best way to grow your business towards a successful future. By using the following tools, you will actually create a system which allows your business to work for you while you are sleeping. Imagine going to sleep with no leads and waking up to 3 sales and 7 leads and you haven’t even had your morning coffee yet. Talk about the joys of passive income. Optimizing your business model with modern technology is the quickest way to experiencing this.


Using app integration for your optimization process is absolutely crucial. There are thousands of tools on the market which make optimization simple.

OneDrive is ideal for organizing your content—social media posts, presentations, infographics, blog posts, etc—in a cloud sharing technology. This means that your information will be able to be viewed collaboratively for complete team integration.

Hootsuite is great for getting your content out on social media. Hootsuite features a calendar which allows you to organize your posts by social media site. You can then determine when the best times to post throughout the day are. The app will then post your items for you, so you can post when you aren’t even working. This allows your social media presence consistency for your consumers. All you need to do is keep loading content into the app so it will keep pushing it out at the proper times.

PMO Software or project management software is the ideal place to keep your big project information. PMO software measures projects based on 4 categories: the size of your projects, the physical resources and manpower at your disposal, the duration needed to achieve your deadlines, and the budget required to manage resources and the project itself. PMO software organizes all your pertinent information in one place and also projects how long it will take for you to complete your project from conception to development. This can save a great deal of time in the planning and execution process.

Artificial Intelligence

This is where the scenario from the intro comes into play. AI is excellent for optimizing employee operations. Reducing the amount of busywork your customer service reps have to do in a day is always a plus. This will ensure that they are only on the phone with consumers who have legitimate questions and will reduce your employee’s chances of encountering an angry or confused customer. How is such a thing possible? Chatbots.

Chatbots can be implemented on social media or websites. Chatbots are specifically designed to do 4 things: answer simple questions, direct consumers to their destination, offer sales or calls to action, and gain contact information.

Chatbots pop up at the beginning of a consumer’s journey on the webpage. If at any moment the consumer is lost or has a question, they can simply engage with the chatbot to gain their answer. The chatbot will take them through a series of simple questions to determine the information they need and then direct them to the correct page. In this process, the chatbot will seamlessly ask for information from the consumer so a customer service representative can reach out to them within 24 hours to answer further questions. If the consumer has chosen to purchase, the chatbot can also take the consumer through the sales process.

This can be done during business hours or the wee hours of the morning. The beautiful thing about chatbots is that you purchase them, but you don’t have to pay them hourly. They make sales for you while all your sales reps are sleeping. Not bad.

Optimizing your business strategy through the above technologies is the ideal way to kickstart your business for 2019. By organizing your resources and ensuring your employees are making the most of their time, your business model will be open to some very favorable adjustments.