As you know, there are many guides, lists and tutorials on the internet telling you how to pick an idea for an app and the allegedly technical process on how to build it. However, you cannot find many tips on how exactly to handle when it comes to the actual situation of listening to an idea and making it into a product. Let us give you some tips!





To put it simply, talk to people — starting from your client. Merely listening to what your clients think they want and starting your creative process right after can often lead to a disappointing result. Treat your first discussion with your client as a part of a research. Gather as much as data as you can about in and around the field/industry in which the mobile app is based on. Statistical data can tell you many things, but when it comes to something as personal as a mobile app, getting qualitative data backed by real life experience will help you in many ways.

Doing your own research on the subject may bring the need to make changes to the initial idea or the design of the app your client pitched you. Here you have to sit down and have a constructive discussion with your client and come to an agreement on making the best possible product you can make out of the idea. It’s not running a whole new idea by them, but an informed and progressed version of their own idea.




Be focused and by that I mean LASER FOCUSED on the problem that you are going to solve. All successful mobile apps are built in order to tackle and resolve one specific problem. As you work on creating the mobile app, it is important that you do not let yourself deviate from that problem. Together with your client and your creative and development teams, it is your responsibly to give the best possible solution to it. Get everyone onboard with that.

When you do further research on the subject or get inspired by the already existing products around it, it is natural to deviate from the initial problem and perhaps focus on a wider scope around it. However, the more specific you are on the matter, the more unique and useful your app will be. Solve the problem that you are meant to solve, and not a problem around it. This can be achieved by being completely clear and specific on the idea, problem, and your solution before you start your proceedings on developing the app.




There is a point in any project that you have to stop doing your research, discussions and actually get to developing the product. When you come to this step, you need to have a solid base to work on and a goal that you are focusing on. Hold the distractions and develop a presentable product. It is more effective to do this rather than sitting and keep talking and making more and more decisions.

After the initial tests and feedback which you get to that product you built, then you can start making further changes and developments. If you, however, keep on making changes to the design and idea without spending time on finishing at least one final product, you are not going to reach your goal of a winning mobile app.




If you are a startup making your own mobile app, you may able to keep some breathing room to work on it at your convenience. However, your clients who keep the trust on you to build the next turning point in their business have urgent deadlines that they have to meet in order to reach their goals. Ideas keep turning into products every day. Move fast! Keep productive and realistic deadlines and adhere to them religiously.

Good luck!