A business owner needs to motivate their employees and to make sure they remain loyal as the business grows and changes. This is often equally important if not more important than making sure their salaries and bonuses are always growing.

4 Tips for Motivating your Employees

The key is to make sure that your employees are feeling appreciated and that they are a part of the team regardless of their position. This can’t be done with a blanket policy which covers all the employees. Instead, you need to make sure that each of your employees is treated as an individual and that the motivation policy you have for them is based on their individual needs.

Mentorship programs

New and young employees want their job to be something more than a place where they work and make money. They want to use the job to learn about the industry and improve their skills and knowledge. This can be accomplished with a mentorship and guidance program which will also ease their way into the new job.

It also makes the experienced workers feel more appreciated and shows that their years on the job are valued by the industry.


A company should take part in the life of the local community. It should help and support charitable events and organizations, especially those that are important to the employees as well. It’s not enough to give money to these organizations, in order to make the employees feel like they are doing something of worth and importance; you’ll need to take a more hands-on approach.

Donating your time and helping raise awareness about the issue is often more important than giving money to charitable causes. It should never be mandatory for your employees to take part in the process, but you should encourage it in a friendly and open way.

Employee of the month

There are those who feel that employee of the month awards are a bit silly and not that important when it comes to employee motivation. However, many feel that public praise is often more important than any salary bump you could provide.

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Don’t hesitate to make a big deal out of it. Handing out a small trophy with an engraving congratulating the employee is a fun little gift, but it can also be a cherished memory.  The employees need to know that their work is appreciated.

Perks and time off

In the end, even if you can’t offer bonuses or any other financial rewards, there are small perks which could show employees that they are appreciated and that they matter. These could be something available to all employees or it could be a reward for a job well done.

The most important of these is probably the ability to carve out more free time. This can be done in a straightforward way, by awarding them with more free time or by a better management system and the ability to work remotely. Besides that, a company car and a nice office can also go a long way.

It’s essential that a business finds a way to motivate its employees and to provide them with incentives to do a good job. This is sometimes as simple as raising their salaries, but not all companies can do that. If this is the case for you, then you should focus on appreciating your employees and making your appreciation public.