By Jyoti Agrawal

Not all content marketing tools are created equal. So when you’re deciding to employ one at your company, you need to make sure to focus on the essentials to avoid getting overwhelmed. Fortunately, that’s exactly what we’ve done for you.

These gems are a mix of old and new, each with a proven track record in its area of expertise. At first, you may use the majority of them free of charge. Jumpstart your content marketing now using the following top creativity tools:


Are you a one-man team or a total beginner? Feel free to use this simple graphic design software to create eye-catching visuals for your blog. Check out its array of templates for blog titles and graphics, as well as social media and marketing materials. Canva offers design types that match the required dimensions of sites like WordPress, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Feeling confident? Start with a blank canvas. Tinker with the typography, colors, and other elements such as images, shapes, and icons. It’s a one-stop shop for creatives. Canva also has a design school — its own version of content marketing — that lets you in on design’s best practices in areas such as font pairing and layout.


Canva: Always Free

Canva for Work: $12.95/user/month


As Neil Patel puts it, “HubSpot is not a single tool that focuses on any one portion of your content marketing strategy.” Indeed, its stack of products caters to three areas: marketing, sales, and customer relationship management (CRM). You can choose a standalone product or use all the tools together.

Some may think that HubSpot’s solutions are too advanced for them. But don’t let this thought hinder you from trying. You may request a demo of the marketing software, which can help you increase traffic and convert leads. Start small with free analytics, lead capture forms, and contact tracking. You may also try its Sales and CRM tools for free.


CRM Software: Free

Marketing Software: – Basic – $200/month; Pro – $800/month; and Enterprise – $2400/month

Sales Software:  Basic – Free; Pro – $50/user/month


There is one platform that takes you through the stages of content marketing, from planning to distribution, without too much fuss. It is particularly helpful in finding you the right freelancer if you’re outsourcing projects. ClearVoice allows you to discover trends, brainstorm ideas, and plan your editorial calendar. Then, based on the assignment details, its technology matches you with the writer or creative who’s perfect for the job.

It doesn’t end there. Manage everything related to production, including campaigns and editing tools. You can also track your brand guidelines, personas, and automated freelancer payments. Maintaining it’s no-hassle capabilities, ClearVoice lets you push content to WordPress, HubSpot, and most other major content management systems through its accessible API. Lastly, you can choose to share your content via earned and paid media through ClearVoice Solutions.


Brand: $249/month

Agency: $499/month

Enterprise: $1499/month


Take a blogging break from time to time. Try hosting a webinar instead. Think about a topic that will take you a series of posts to discuss. Then turn it into the subject of your webinar. Use dedicated software to help you manage the activities involved before, during, and after the event.

ClickMeeting provides you with a template to facilitate registration among your target audience. It also enables you to engage participants when the webinar goes live. You can use the built-in screen sharing, whiteboard, and presentation tools, among others. Make the session fun and interactive. If all goes well, according to the post-webinar analytics, you can even make this a regular thing for your loyal readers/viewers.


MyWebinars – 25 to 100 attendees, $25/month

MyWebinars Pro – 50 to 500 attendees, $35/month

Enterprise – 500 to 5,000 attendes, $165/month

Microsoft Windows 10

An entire operating system to support your creative endeavors… why not? According to Microsoft, it designed Windows 10 to empower “the creators in all of us.” With this statement, the tech giant introduced a full range of user experiences. Cortana, which will serve as your intelligent virtual and personal assistant, can let you Pick Up Where You Left Off across devices running on Windows, iOS, and Android. Timeline dishes out a visual display of your previous activity, so you can hop back into a file or app with ease. Both tools belong to the Microsoft Graph fabric.

Further, you may want to test Windows Story Remix. Using artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning, this Universal Windows Application can organize and transform your photos and videos into stories. It can also assist you in the creation of what Microsoft calls mixed reality. It’s about time you brush up on your Microsoft know-how. Why not start with these Windows 10 tips?


Windows 10 Home – $119.99

Windows 10 Pro – $199.99