In the world of corporate event planning, the bar has been set extremely high. This means your event has to go above and beyond to form a strong impression among guests.

One way to do this is to incorporate technology in every way possible. Remember, in this age; you have to appeal to your audience’s knack for all things mobile and digital.

1. Video Mapping

Simply displaying your company logo on an overhead banner is so lame. You want your logo to really stand out? Then use video mapping to make your brand known. Video mapping is an awesome way to wow your guests and make an impressionable impact.

With video mapping, you can turn just about any surface into a canvas for projecting an image. This can be your logo, an announcement, or even social media posts displayed in real time. Consider using the venue walls for showing your logo as well as that of your sponsors.

Keep in mind that the projecting surface does not have to be smooth and clear. In fact, consider using irregularly shaped surfaces for an even more visually appealing treat.

2. Digital Ice Breakers

Guests will have a more positive impression of the event if they leave having made a friend or two. This is why you should incorporate an ice breaker that requires some form of interaction. There are dozens upon dozens of ice breakers you can select from. Choose one that implements some form of technology.

Here’s a good one that makes good use of a smartphone. At the start, have members take two photos of any object of their choice within the premise of the venue. The first photo will be a regular snapshot of the object in full view. The other will be the same image super zoomed in. Have each person email the two images to the event facilitator.

Everyone will then be divided into three or more groups. Each super zoomed image will be shown on a projector, and teams will have to collaborate to determine the identity of the object. Of course, when your photo comes up, your team will be refrained from participating. The team with the most correctly guessed images will be the declared winner.

3. The All-Digital Conference

With every corporate event, there will be those who would like to attend but for one reason or another are unable to. Why not make a portion of the event accessible to those who can’t be present in person?

The main part of the event, such as the keynote or presentation, can be live streamed to guests who pay a small service fee. This way, those who couldn’t make it won’t completely miss out and will still benefit from the meat and potatoes of your seminar.

In addition, you can also help out those not in attendance by tweeting important event highlights as they are taking place. This is similar to the way some people live tweet a boxing match round by round with a quick summary of who won the round, how close it was, whether there was a knockdown, etc. This shows that you make an effort to be inclusive for those who couldn’t be present.

4. Interactive Kiosks

The key to any corporate event is to get people engaged. Instead of just using a digital signage for displaying logos and messages, why not turn it into an interactive adventure? Interactive kiosks are becoming more commonplace nowadays and allow guests to interact with the contents on the screen. Digital signage companies have an assortment of pre-made interactive kiosks that they can modify with your logo in the background while maintaining all the original features.

Interactive kiosks can be as simple as a photo booth with a logo in the background or be a fully interactive game using touch screen or motion sensor features. Prizes can also be included for participants that successfully complete a specific task.

5. Live Polls

Lectures can get boring really quick if all the speaker is doing is, well, speaking. Find a way to make the audience a part of the presentation. One neat way to do this is through a live polling that guests can partake in with their mobile devices.

If you are using a corporate event app, then you can easily include a polling feature. A live poll is a great way to start off a lecture and to gauge how the audience generally feels about a particular product, service, or event. The results can dictate the direction of the discussion based on majority interests.

Staying Up to Date

Technology is so ingrained in our daily lives that it’s flabbergasting that more events are not making it a primary focus.Adding more tech-rich media is a lot more affordable than most people realize. It’s also an investment that will pay itself off in the form of positive consumer reception.