Like a decade ago, the information technology department was not existing in the structure of many organizations. However, times have changed so fast such that the information technology department is one of the most critical departments in any organization. There have been seamless development and advancement in this area such that funds are now set aside for the IT department to operate effectively. The rank of chief technology officer has been created to have people controlling and managing the IT department. However, as the CTO, you might be in a scenario where your organization is not operating efficiently. This article highlights the strategies you can adopt to enhance your efficiency.


At this period, information overload seems to be one of the critical challenges that are hindering the efficiency of the information technology department. There are a lot of work requests, emails, text messages and calls all pushing for a task to be accomplished within the shortest time possible. Enhancing communication will be instrumental in ensuring that efficiency is achieved in your organization. In most of the times, you will find that the tasks overlap one another while, at last, you see that nothing has been done despite using substantial organizational resources. As a chief technology officer, you will need to communicate with junior members of the department and inform them that tasks should be arranged consistently to avoid repetition and wastage of resources.

Provide the Best Infrastructure

You understand that IT departments are critical and essential to the operations of the company. They control different goals and specific objectives of the company such that an entity cannot operate without the necessary IT infrastructure. As the chief technology officer, you will be required to ensure that the entity has the necessary infrastructure that will enable it to achieve its intended goals and objectives within the stipulated period. This means that all hardware and software needs are provided to all the members working in the company while simultaneously offering support and tools of collaboration. For example, you can make sure that a printer is easily shared by two or more users hence reducing movements within the room.

Provide Training

Information technology department holds and operates in an environment that is continuously changing. This means that the entity will mostly face new challenges and advanced methods of doing things like time changes. Therefore, all the workers working in this department need continuous training to ensure that they are fully versed in the new changes, and they can be able to operate with much ease. For example, you should offer continuous training to all the employees working in your organization to increase effectiveness and efficiency that is required in your company.

Provide Real-Time Feedback

One of the critical things that help companies to keep running and attract customers within the shortest period is ensuring that they provide real-time feedback. This means that a customer will get a response as he or she needs it hence providing a conducive environment and a better user experience. This is usually done in the IT department because they are the ones that deal with messaging and customer feedback. Encouraging your staff members to offer feedback within the shortest period will enhance the efficiency and development of the company as a whole. It will also help in eradicating negative perceptions that are brought about by poor communication.

Cut Storage Costs

As the firm expands, there is a need to increase the storage of data and various contents used in decision making. Within a short period, storage facilities will start consuming a significant proportion of your IT department. As the CTO, you should ensure efficiency is achieved within your department by cutting storage costs. This can be done through virtualized storage facilities which will eliminate the costly server-attached facilities. Moreover, virtualized storage facilities can store much information in a limited space. You can as well use a streaming platform such as a large monitor connected to the internet where employees working in the IT department can consume data in real-time as it streams from the source.

To wrap it all, information technology department is a critical department in the operation of any business. Hitches in this area could be transferred to other departments which can have devastating effects on the activities of the company. As the CTO, you will need to implement the strategies highlighted above to enhance efficiency in your department. An efficient IT department helps other departments to work seamlessly assisting the entity to achieve its objectives.