We know that physiotherapy is a medical treatment that involves solutions like massages, heat therapy, exercise and electrotherapy. This therapy doesn’t include any kinds of medicines/drugs and surgery. It has gained a lot of importance in today’s world. In recent times, our society has undergone a rapid change in terms of lifestyle. Sedentary way of living has spread its dark clutches over every generation of people, result being a huge increase in ailments!

Physiotherapy comes to one’s rescue while curing a wide variety of ailments and provides long lasting health benefits. It addresses the health problems of a wide age group from an infant to an old man.

Reasons to Hire Physiotherapist:


1. Orthopaedic physiotherapy– Most of the orthopaedic problems such as joint related pain, inter-vertebral disc related problems, muscular pain are well treated by physiotherapy. Nine out of ten office goers suffer from lower back pain at some point of time. Long hours of desk jobs hurt lower back, neck and knees. This kind of muscular and joint pain are very stubborn and doesn’t go away on application of pain relief balms or popping in pain killers. Pain killer only numbs the pain for sometimes and the pain returns with more intensity. An expert opinion of a physiotherapist is what you need then. They guide you through exercises which when done regularly gives satisfying results.

2. Treatment of paralysis– The most obvious consequence of spinal cord injury (SCI) is paralysis. It also affects several body functions. An expert in physiotherapy treat an array of different problems related to SCI. It is one of the best treatments for paralysis as it aids the patient in strengthening and maintaining the muscle mass. It also adds some speed to the recovery process. In addition, even blood circulation as well as the relaxation of the muscles is improved. In this case a doctor suggests if the condition of paralysis is suitable and required for the paralysed person.

3. Post-surgery rehabilitation– After surgery is done, you will normally undertake a post-operative rehabilitation program prescribed and supervised by your physiotherapist. In the hospital itself, you will be offered some early strengthening or range of motions exercises. Post orthopaedic surgery you will surely need exercise progression to completely get back your strength, function, and flexibility. Getting in touch with a physiotherapist who is an expert in post-operative rehabilitation can be a good decision.


4. Paediatric physiotherapyExperts in physiotherapy who work in this field aim to maximize each child’s physical potential through different exercise programs and give support and advice to families to maximize the physical development of the child. Experts in physiotherapy are able to help in variety of ways with many conditions which include development delay e.g. premature babies, Down’s syndrome, muscular dystrophies, orthopaedic hyper-mobility, and rheumatology.

5. Physiotherapy for pregnant women – Visiting a physiotherapist while pregnancy or even after the delivery can help stay away from issues like back pain and pelvic related issues. This is the reason why a lot of would-be mothers these days are more inclined towards these therapies. This is a very delicate situation and only an expert need to be trusted.

Physiotherapy has gone through a lot of evolution. Different kinds of pain relieving, muscle stimulating devices has eased the rehabilitation processes. Even a nerve problem is looked after by physiotherapist. They might even use shock impulses to stimulate the nerves.  Nowadays you can hire an expert in physiotherapy who will visit you at your home. You can do your exercises under expert supervision in the comfort of your home and at your own convenient time. They provide you with a proper diet plan and guide you to build a healthier lifestyle including your exercise, what you eat and sleep pattern. So, hiring a physiotherapist will not only take care of your ailment but also motivate you to adapt a healthy lifestyle.