Whether you’re an investor in Silicon Valley startups or simply a fan of tech news, you’re probably excited about the prospects of numerous technology-based firms in 2019 and beyond. With a booming economy and a number of Silicon Valley venture capital firms funding innovative new companies, the time has never been better to discover companies who will make a big difference in the national conversation about technology. Here are just five companies to keep a watch on in 2019, and why they have tech industry insiders talking.


Founded by Canadian entrepreneur Stewart Butterfield, one of the minds behind Flickr, Slack is a collaborative software with a big following and a lot of buzz in the tech industry, despite the fact that the company is reluctant to advertise or market its services. Recently valued at over $7 billion, Slack looks to be making big moves in 2019, with a base of loyal users that is the envy of start-ups across the world.


As a smart-speaker company based out of tech hub Santa Barbara, California, Sonos is making headway in a specialist speaker market that includes competitors such as Apple and Amazon. Sonos appears to be holding its own among industry giants, however, and the prospect of an IPO worth billions taking place in the near future is creating buzz in tech circles. Definitely a company worth watching in 2019, Sonos should be at the top of the list of investments to watch for in coming months, particularly if the company continues to hold its own with standout tech and health and wellness digital marketing firms.


Founded by prominent names in the tech world such as Peter Thiel and Alex Karp, Palantir is one of the hottest companies in Palo Alto, and its exponential growth in recent years has made it one of the industry’s dark horses that is known to insiders but not yet a household name. Only time will tell if Palantir’s rumored potential equates to a big pay-off for investors in 2019, but the smart-money in the tech world seems to suggest that Palantir will likely be one of the biggest success stories in Silicon Valley in coming years. For many investors, Palantir is the company to watch in the new year.


One of the biggest success stories in Silicon Valley history, Airbnb looks as though it may go public in 2019, meaning that the already hugely popular service could make investors a fortune if all goes according to plan with the company’s board of directors. With its enviable position as one of the most famous companies in the world, Airbnb has also revolutionized the relationship between tech firms and their customers, especially as the “gig economy” revs into overdrive with a slew of IPOs ready to create a potential tsunami of gains in world markets next year.


Along with Airbnb, no list of tech companies looking to hit their stride in 2019 would be complete without ride-share tech firm Uber. Like Airbnb, Uber got its start under the tutelage and funding of Silicon Valley venture capital firm Sherpa Capital, and the two companies have already revolutionized the way that a booming app market can reach new customers. Slated for an IPO in 2019, Uber has the kind of potential most companies can only dream of, and the possibility of the company earning big gains in value will be something to watch for in coming months.

As one of the most anticipated times for tech start-ups in recent memory, 2019 looks to be a banner year for innovative companies. With a slew of top-notch firms getting ready for IPOs and a stock market that is currently going from strength to strength, the future looks bright indeed for Silicon Valley and beyond as investors and tech CEOs alike forge new paths within the marketplace of innovation. So whatever your background, sit back and enjoy the show!

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