If you are in business, then it is vital that you keep up with technology. The world is evolving faster and faster than ever before. Digital technology like the internet is only the tip of iceberg. In order to avoid being left in the dust by competitors, ensure that you know the following tech skills as a business person so you can get ahead:

  1. HTML

HTML is a core tenet of web development. But what is web development really? It is the act of coding the elements of a website: the structure, color, text, spacing, images, audio, and video.

HTML is what allows you to do this. It may sound complicated at first, but luckily it is fairly easy to learn. With a few simple commands you can start editing a page and even make one from scratch. This is valuable for many reasons.

First of all, if you had to hire a web developer every time you wanted to make a small change to your site, you would end up spending thousands for a small project each time and that would add up. The second part is speed. If you know what you’re doing, you can cut the time down that is needed to solve the issue. And finally, it is fun and rewarding to be able to build your own sites and edit them from scratch. While certain languages are trends and come and go in the tech world, HTML is the backbone of the internet and is going nowhere soon.

  1. CSS

Once you have learned the basics of HTML, CSS is the next step. Whereas HTML is about the building blocks, CSS is more about the design. This is where you get more in depth on fonts, colors, and design elements that make the page look great. Essentially, it is the difference between the 90’s web and web 2.0 when it comes down to it.

  1. Data Analytics

Big data and BI tools have made it possible to do amazing things with your data. You should not miss the chance to make the most of it. If you learn how to analyze big amounts of data about your company, you can come away with insights that improve integration across business systems toward your biggest goals.

For instance, you can begin to predict which products you should invest in by looking at past analytics and seeing which campaigns worked out the best. And you can deploy investment in the right departments. Instead of making emotional and flawed decisions you can make better decisions based on the data alone.

  1. A/B Software

If you are not constantly testing your marketing campaigns, then you are leaving money on the table. That is why as someone in business you should learn how to use A/B testing software.

When you create new landing pages or ads, you shouldn’t only create one version. Learn the marketing software so you can create two versions with small tweaks and differences. You may find that one headline increases clicks by 50%, for instance. That equates to too much revenue to ignore this skill.

  1. Accounting Software Basics

Accounting will always be needed for any business. Even if you are not a trained accountant, you need to know how to use your software. It will be easier and quicker to enter in your cash flow numbers so your bookkeeper can give you accurate reports. Otherwise you risk lying to the IRS or missing a crucial piece of information when it comes to your company’s finances.

Business is the most competitive endeavor in the world. If you don’t skill up, you will fall behind. So don’t leave your future to chance. Make sure you get everything you can out of this tech revolution. Learn the skills above so you can dominate your marketplace now and into the future.