Buying a truck as a personal vehicle is more popular than ever before. While this type of automotive technology has been around for awhile, there are still many things that people often misunderstand about their truck. So, what are the five most commonly misunderstood aspects about trucks?

  • Maximum Payload Is Not The Same As Maximum Towing Capacity
  • Trucks Typically Last Longer Than Cars
  • Trucks Can Be An Investment For Business Owners
  • Placing A Cover On The Bed Can Reduce Drag And Improve Fuel Economy
  • Fuel Efficiency Can Save Thousands

Maximum Payload Is Not The Same As Maximum Towing Capacity

A common miscommunication when talking about the capabilities of a truck is the difference between maximum payload and maximum towing capacity. The biggest difference in these two weights are how they are transporting. Maximum towing capacity refers to the maximum weight that can safely be pulled on wheels when hooked up to a trailer hitch such as an RV or a boat. The maximum payload however is the maximum amount of weight that can be safely placed in the bed of the truck. If you go over this weight, the integrity of the frame of the truck could be compromised.

Trucks Typically Last Longer Than Cars

Even though the underlying technology in cars and trucks are roughly the same, trucks tend to last longer and accrue more miles than cars over their usable lifetimes. This is most likely because trucks are designed to be more durable and work harder than a traditional car. For this reason, trucks tend to be the better buy when looking for a vehicle that you intend to keep for a long period of time.

Trucks Can Be An Investment For Business Owners

There’s no getting around the fact that trucks are expensive. While the sticker price can scare many away, others will recognize that a truck can be a major investment to help improve a business for some. This is most common in businesses related to construction, general contracting, and other manual labor oriented professions.

Placing A Cover On The Bed Can Reduce Drag And Improve Fuel Economy

One of the largest deciding factors in how fuel efficient a vehicle can be is how aerodynamic it is. Unfortunately, the way trucks are designed naturally creates a lot of drag because air frequently gets trapped in the bed of the truck making it work harder to go the same distance. So, although it is an extra cost, adding a cover to the bed of your truck may actually pay for itself over time in the form of lower fuel costs.

Fuel Efficiency Can Save Thousands

Trucks are notorious for having lower fuel efficiency. In fact, the average truck only gets roughly 17 miles per gallon. This can rack up a huge fuel bill quickly. The best midsize truck on the market today gets an impressive 25 miles to the gallon which is an improvement of 47%. This means spending 47% less on fuel to go the exact same distance and get the same amount of work done.

Being an informed truck owner helps you to get the most out of the vehicle. By better preparing yourself to make your next truck purchase, you can save money while still getting a great truck that always gets the job done.


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