Everyone is aware of the fact that currently, Instagram is one of the most popular platforms for social networking where you have the option of sharing attractive and eye-catching videos and photos. Instagram is a completely dedicated site, which helps in highlighting the visual arts in different forms and types.

The graphic designers, book illustrators, logo artists, t-shirt designers, catalog designers, and poster creators are all the graphic artists. All of these professionals have the freedom of promoting the work that they have done throughout all the years. This will allow them to read the advantages from this amazing social networking platform, and they will understand how they can make use of this platform for gaining more benefits. If you are a graphic designer, you can showcase all the works that you have done. It is believed that Instagram is a perfect extension of the visual portfolio of a graphic designer. It does not matter if you are interested in promoting your artwork or promoting your work as a great freelance designer, you have the capability of leveraging the amazing power of this social networking platform for boosting the presence of your brand among thousands of businesses that are constantly looking for graphic designing.

However, each and every graphic designer should have a proper idea about how they can promote all their work on their Instagram account. Given below are five important tips that can be considered by the graphic designers.

You should avoid posting screenshots or images that are blurry

The first and most important thing that you have to keep in mind is you have to impress the potential clients with the work that you have done. When clients are looking for you, they will want to see clear examples of the work that you have done. This is why it is important that you do not post any kind of screenshots or images that are blurry. These kinds of images cannot clearly express the work that you have done and also takes away the credibility of your account.

Most of the clients will end up thinking that you have taken the screenshots out of the profile of some other graphic designer for building your portfolio on Instagram. Your clients are always looking for original and unique work. They will appreciate authenticity and the innovative ideas that you have. You can take pictures of your work and post it on your account to show the complete progress of the work. Most of the prospective clients are also interested in seeing the complete process. With this, they will get a clear idea of what is happening behind the scene.

Stirring emotions with the help of high-quality visuals

Persuasion and emotion are known to possess immense power in convincing a person if they are used in proper visual forms. However, your visual directions should be correct for improving the presence on social media, as well as, your reputation as the designer. The videos, photos, and images should be capable of stirring the interest of your clients and they should be able to engage with the content that has been posted on your account. Before you have started posting, you have to reflect on the visual aids and find out how you can present all the unique designs on this photo-sharing platform. You should make use of most of the editing tools that are available on Instagram itself.

Make use of all the innovative tools that include filters, contrast editing, and exposure cropping for improving the visual identity of your profile. You should be capable of creating emotions with the visuals. For instance, you might have designed a beautiful poster for a reputed air conditioning brand. In this case, you have to highlight the expression of a man and show the level of comfort in his body language while he is relaxing in the air conditioning room. You can also highlight interactions or gestures for captivating the audience’s’ attention. It is extremely important to be able to connect with the prospective clients emotionally.

Making the perfect use of the hashtags

It is practically impossible to be successful on Instagram or the other social media platforms without using the proper hashtags. Hashtags help in creating a social bond and categorizes all the pictures in such a manner, that they can be found out easily by your clients. Hashtags play an important role in boosting the online visibility of a person. You should understand how hashtags are being used before you start using them yourself. Use creative and unique hashtags and avoid the generic ones.

Ensure that you are not using more than four or six hashtags. If you do not have a proper idea regarding the websites that you can explore for getting more ideas related to Instagram and graphic designing, you can visit reputed sites that include Gramblast. It is important to conduct a research to gain information regarding the hashtags that are currently trending. Be careful to use only those hashtags, which will be able to gain traction and engagement.

Your designs should be related to the audience

It is crucial to highlight designs, which have a proper character within them. Your followers should have fun while they are looking at your work. If they are having fun it is obvious that they will be curious about the designs and try to opt for the graphic design services that you offer. You should be able to make your prospective clients adore your designs to that extent so that they end up hiring you.

Focusing on consistency

Another important aspect that you have to keep in mind constantly is that you cannot compromise with the consistency of your work. Try to post your designs in regular intervals and ensure that the visual consistency is being maintained.


There is no doubt about the fact that Instagram is the perfect platform for connecting with the customers or clients for selling the design work. You can easily build your presence as a graphic designer and with time, you will end up getting more projects than ever.