Either you are in a career slump looking for ways to push yourself harder or failing on focusing what matters, here are 5 ways to keep yourself motivated.

1 This too Shall Pass

As cliche as it sounds, it works like a medicine. There comes a time in one’s life where you might feel like there are no good days left and why is it happening to me alone.

However, you need to educate yourself that worst is yet to come and this is just a way the universe is examining my ability.

Whenever you are going through a challenging time, it is essential to remind yourself, it will eventually disappear. You must understand that life is a roller-coaster and ups and downs are part of it. Every individual on this planet has to go through difficulties and I am no different.

This is the time you must hold yourself together and remain with calm and composure. Dear, you cannot have control over your circumstances but you have the control on dealing it. Look at the hard times you have passed like a cake walk and realized you have come a long way! Remember, this too shall pass.

2 Love Yourself

“If you are looking for that one person to change your life, go and look in the mirror!”

Okay! See, if you do not love yourself do not expect the other person to love you. Accept for who you are and do not let hard times take a toll on yourself.

3 Indulge yourself in Optimism

Long ago, I have read a positive quote on the internet. It goes something like this, “Optimism is more like a happiness magnet. If you stay positive, good things will be drawn to you.”

Couldn’t be any true! Speaking to myself, words make me feel. I believe that words have a creative force that can literally change how I feel about things.

Thus, I have indulged myself more in podcasts, books, TED talks and made sure I am surrounded by positive people. Likewise, figure what makes you happy and indulge in it.

If you are a spiritual kind of person, you can also opt for the astrological services and wear those gemstones which bring positive vibes. If music is your thing, you can either start learning a musical instrument or going to your favorite singers’ concerts.

4 Celebrate Little Things

Humans wish-list is endless! It is an open secret. However, most of us fail to thank for the things we have in our hand and mourn over the things which are from the possibility.

There is a hell number of nights where I just lay down on the bed, wide awake, paralyzed with anxiety, and unable to sleep. Even a slight notification sound used to bug me. When I think about those moments, I feel ashamed of how naive I am.

While most of the people are struggling with freaking diseases and the death of loved ones, I assumed my life is shit because I just broke down for three months.

Thus, we must be thankful for what we are blessed with. I have a supportive family, earning my bread and butter, and beautiful friends. What else could I ask for?

From that day, I started cherishing every little thing that matters to me! A little appreciation, acknowledgement, or a small compliment. Whenever something made me feel good, I make sure I reward it. Either I share it with my friends or treat myself with a chocolate pastry or corn pizza.

Life is not about a single big thing, it is all about a million little things. Cherish every moment. Make it yours!

5 Take Help

This is where most people go wrong. When you are not feeling well physically, you either tell others or will take care of yourself. Isn’t it?

Likewise, when you are not feeling well in the mind, mentally, you should tell others and take care of yourself. Many people feel afraid to share what they are feeling inside.

But, please understand that there are people out who actually listen to you rather than sentencing. It could either be your family or friends. You feel much relaxed when you finally confess the heavy things you are holding to yourself for long. No kidding! Tried and tested. Trust me, it works!