This is the age of social media and it cannot be denied that social media in all forms is one major platform for networking and interactions. Social media networks grew over a period of one year with an engagement of about 1.96 billion people. This means big data is being generated by the growing number of social media users and all this data must be analytically treated by businesses so as to benefit them in any way.

This growth is not limited and by the end of 2019, it is predicted that there will be a whopping 2.5 billion people using some form of social networking platforms for personal or commercial purposes. But the main question here is- as a business or a brand, are you making the most of social media?

Businesses and brands basically have two main purposes of using social media and the various social media networking platforms and these are to create a strong and undisputed virtual presence and secondly to regulate interaction and engagement with potential customers and audiences. The social media networking platforms commonly used today, are many and new and better social media apps are being developed every other day.

Some of the most common of these platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Google +, LinkedIn to mention a few. Using all these social media apps to successfully run social media campaigns can become a daunting task.

Brands find it very difficult to use every social media networking platform to its utmost potential for establishing and continuing social media marketing campaigns. Technology is constantly developing, and it has provided a solution for this too in the form of social media aggregator apps or tools.

What is a social media aggregator Application?

Social media aggregator or also called social network aggregator is a tool such as an Instagram wall or Twitter wall through which a complete output and collection of all the social media networking feed from various platforms or networks is displayed in one place.

In simpler words, the tool provides a depiction of the review of all the web-based social networking activities occurring on the many channels or networks. These are seen as the distributed posts on FB, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Vines and they basically offer revised views on all the monotonous social media marketing and networking patterns.

There are several benefits of using social media aggregator apps and some of these include:

1) Better audience engagement

Audience engagement through social media aggregators is one of the biggest advantages of using the tool and it is the best way to engage with the target audience for a better connection between the brand and the audience.

Tools like an Instagram wall or Twitter wall are very beneficial in controlling audience engagement during events and exhibitions.

These walls lure many of the social media users to post live updates of being present at your event on their timelines through several channels. These posts are later seen live on screens on which the aggregated content is displayed.

2) Time and Cost Effective

The marketing profile takes up quite a large share of the entire budget for any business and when it comes to ROI then it is not that significant in the larger view of things.

When it comes to content aggregators, the investment is huge, but you also end up saving costs as well as time because the aggregator tool will reduce all the effort and resources put into data analysis, creating engaging content as well as demonstrating information.

3) Creation of Creative Content

It has been proven that when a social media aggregator tool has been used then the content creation is nothing less than impeccable.

There are two main things which work for aggregator tools and they are interactive campaigns and creative and appropriate hashtags.

A combination of a well thought of hashtag and an interactive campaign will get your audience to create interesting content for you and participate.

4) Far ahead of the competition

The social media aggregator tool is an influential one to create a strong presence in social media networks.

Along the way, you should use the aggregator tools to maintain an edge over your competition and this can be done by closely monitoring your competition’s marketing and networking strategies and understanding how they go about their social media campaigns.

5) Come up with and share social media trends

The competition is very stiff in all markets today and businesses should keep themselves abreast of the latest trends in the social media marketing and networking scene.

The social media aggregator tool will also be of help in this context because using the tool you can keep an eye out for trending campaigns and brands. By analyzing such trending brands, you can discover the successful aspects of well established social media marketing campaigns and then maybe implement some for your brand as well.

6) Less labor required and search engine approved

When you use social aggregation tools then the analysis of data and all the dirty hard work of research and data sorting will be done by the tool which means your staff does not have to spend valuable time on it.

Also, the content aggregators are tuned to search for only relevant stuff, things that are approved by search engines and hence they churn out the best, the most trending and relevant information for you to post on your social networking channels.

Social media aggregator tools are commonly used by several businesses and companies currently in this age of Big Data.


There are so much data and information generated by companies, customers, as well as social media users and all this data, must be analyzed, sorted and recorded to be of some use. Updating your business social media platforms and feeds with the right kind of and the very relevant information is the trick to gaining more followers and finally potential customers. If you use the content aggregation tools wisely then you can see your target audience interact with your brand very positively which only goes to add more to the brand awareness and garnering positive reviews for products.