The new year is underway, and it is that time of the year when we all make our new year resolutions. If you are an adventure loving person like me, you will be looking for the best adventure travel destinations to visit this year. If that is the case, then you are in the right place. In this article, you will learn about six adventure travel destinations that should be on your radar for 2019.

  1. Rwanda

Whether you love adventure or not, most travel ignores this east African landlocked country. Most tourist will drop it off their list considering its small area but don’t let its small area fool you as it has a lot to offer for tourists, especially adventure travelers. The rainforests spanning from one corner of the country to another combined with volcanic mountains and wildlife make it a great country for adventure travelers. Rwanda has been working hard to preserve its endangered species such as Gorillas and creation of conservation centers is the step in that direction.

  1. Australia

For those who love outdoor activities, Australia is heaven. Sydney Opera House, the great barrier reefs and the kangaroos bouncing through the Outback are good enough reasons to visit Australia. If you are in Sydney, visit the museums and famous vineyards. Perth, the capital of Western Australia has gone through an amazing transformation in recent years, quickly cementing its place as a cultural capital of the country.

Take things to the next level by going on a HeliSpirit Luxury Helicopter Safari. It will take you on a six-night trip which gives you fishing opportunities in rivers as well as swimming through the world’s only horizontal waterfalls. Kimberley Coastal Camp and Bullo River Station are worth a visit too.

  1. Norway

Norway is famous for its glaciers, narrow fjords, and pristine coastline. Whether you are a fan of mountain climbing, hiking, surfing or whale safari, Norway have you covered. Don’t forget to see the magical northern lights and it will be an experience you won’t get anywhere else. If you are traveling to Norway during the summer season, you can get an opportunity to see a fascinating phenomenon called Mid-night sun. Get inside one of the seven glass sea cabins at Manshausen and get a breathtaking view of the mountain ranges surrounding the area. You will see snow clad mountains and glaciers too.

  1. UAE

Are you a bit surprised to see UAE on this list? If yes, then I don’t blame you. Most people tend to visit UAE for shopping and other purposes but not for adventure. Dubai has a lot to offer other than shopping. The waterpark, deserts, and beaches offer unique activities that will send your heart racing.

For instance, you can go on a dune bashing adventure, experience sandboarding or indulge in quad racing. For those who want to relax after a heart-pumping action, dhow cruise dinner can offer a soothing feeling. Want to see Dubai from a different angle? Take advantage of yacht rental Dubai and go fishing. Beat the heat by visiting the acquaventure water park and enjoy thrilling slides.

  1.  Japan

Tokyo, capital of Japan might be famous for its unique cuisine, latest fashion and great architecture. Hokkaido, one of the biggest islands in Japan is sparsely populated and is a great place for mountain climbers. You will see natural beauty in its full glory and the skiing resort is one of the best in its class. If you are a trekking lover, Daisetsuzan National Park, famous as a playground of the gods will win your fancy, thanks to its amazing trekking trail.

  1.  Jordan

If desert landscapes, sandstone cliffs, and historical buildings appeal to you then, look no further than Jordan. The hospitality of people and the natural wonders makes the experience even better for tourists. Hikers will surely fall in love with the Jordan Trail, which is one of the best hiking routes in the world, stretching over 400 miles from north to the south. On the way, you will come across dense forests, steep valleys and a lot of deserts. Don’t forget to visit the historical site at Petra and it will mesmerize you. You will find caves, temples, and tombs at Petra that will surely bring a smile on archeology fans amongst us. Wadi Rum is a fascinating place as it is one of the lowest points on Earth.

Which adventure travel destination you want to visit in 2019? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.