If you’re ready to sell your home or you simply want to upgrade it now so that its value goes up, there are a number of hacks you can tackle. Many of these improvements won’t just raise the value, either – several of them will make your life easier or more enjoyable.

  1. Re-do the Bathroom

Certain rooms of your house are more valuable after an update than others. One of these rooms is the bathroom. Plus, since the bathroom sees so much use, resulting in wear and tear, it’s also the room that you’ll benefit from the most after an update. Put in new sinks like you’d find in a spa; replace the countertops with either marble or granite; and get rid of overhead lighting and replace it with warmer wall mounts.

  1. Go Green

Green housing hacks are getting easier and easier to find, especially with all the Energy Star appliances out there. Any way that you can make your home more energy efficient is a draw for potential buyers, as well as for you. Energy efficient homes result in lower utility bills. You’ll also be more comfortable throughout the year, because energy efficient homes keep the home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Something as simple as a storm door or a ceiling fan can improve the energy efficiency of your home.

  1. Maximize the Space in Your Kitchen

Basic kitchen upgrades include swapping out old appliances for stainless steel ones, replacing cabinet knobs and the faucet, and upgrading the countertops. However, making more space in the kitchen, especially if it can open into a living area, is an excellent way to raise the value of your home. When you get rid of a wall, or even half of a wall, the kitchen area will feel a lot more spacious, and it’ll be more enjoyable to entertain guests or have family dinners every week.

  1. Invest in Landscaping

The perks of landscaping are obvious: your home will look much nicer from the outside, which gives you a sense of pride and immediately raises its value. Landscaping is important because buyers want a well-landscaped property, but they don’t necessarily want to pay for it, especially right after they buy a house. By keeping trees and bushes pretty and well-groomed, your views from the house will be nicer, and you may even get more sunlight streaming in through the doors and windows.

  1. Make Your Home Safer

The safer your home, the more you (and your potential buyers) will rest easy knowing your investment and belongings are protected. Plus, security upgrades like a home security system can make you eligible for savings on your homeowners insurance. Safety can also affect a buyer’s willingness to spend more – if safety is a concern, especially if they have small children, they may be happy to spend more money on a home if it means having a safer place to live.

  1. Repaint With Neutral Colors

If you’re ready to list your home on the market, it’s a good idea to repaint all of your rooms in neutral colors. First of all, you’ll get rid of any old, stained or chipped paint. Second, a neutral setting will make it easier for potential buyers to picture living there and creating their own, personalized space. Also, if you’re hoping to redecorate while the home is on the market, neutral walls will make it easier to pick a design style that will appeal to buyers.

Whatever updates and upgrades you decide to make to your home, always create a plan first. It’s a lot easier to reach your goals and stay within your budget if you have a plan and a schedule that you’re dedicated to sticking to.


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