With growing demands for productivity and safety, the construction industry is adopting new technology faster than ever before. One tech trend that has skyrocketed in recent years is the commercial drone. While drones aren’t new, their vast capabilities have allowed them to grow almost 240% year over year — quickly becoming the new industry standard.

Construction companies can expect many crucial benefits from employing these aerial vehicles. Their unmatched perspectives and accurate data collecting features allow them to cut down costs, speed up building time, minimize security risk, and improve employee safety. Drones are used throughout the entire construction project lifecycle, from scoping projects and creating models to inspecting buildings and tracking equipment. All these factors lead to more confidence, better communication with clients, and increased profits when working on construction projects.

Drone are becoming invaluable on the job site. To show the benefits of using these high-tech vehicles, BigRentz created an infographic that highlights the key features of commercials and their key construction uses.