From an early age, we all are accustomed to travelling with our parents so much so that we can not imagine travelling alone. In fact, the mere thought sends chills down to our spine. Believe it or not, travelling solo has many advantages that most travelers usually overlook. In this article, you will learn about seven benefits of travelling alone that will convince you to give it a try.

Boost Your Confidence

Travelling alone will turn you into a more confident person. It pushes you to your limits and test your ability to deal with challenges along the way. Once you overcome all these obstacles, you become a stronger and more confident person. This is where your personality starts to grow. Travelling solo to a new country that you have never been to is quite challenging, but it is an experience that will teach you many valuable lessons for rest of your life.

Meet New People

Taking a solo flight is a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. It makes it easier for you to interact with locals. What’s more, locals have a friendly attitude towards a solo traveler and are always willing to lend a helping hand. Additionally, they might also invite you to their home or have a more open and engaging discussion with you over coffee or tea. You don’t have work hard to make new friends either. All you have to do is to visit a busy place that locals visit regularly, and you will meet many new people there.


Apart from giving you a confidence boost, travelling alone will make you self-reliant. When you know there is no one to take care of you and pamper you, you will have no choice but to rely on yourself. You start to take decisions on your own and back yourself. Even when you return from your solo trip, you will see a positive change in other aspects of life. Instead of asking for help for solving small problem, you start to solve them by your own. This brings about a revolution in your personal and professional life and take you to success in every facet of life.

Cost Effective

Just like in desert safari Dubai tour or any other trip, the number of people you are taking with you will reflect on your bill. Similarly, travelling solo will cost you much less than when you are accompanying all your family members. In addition to this, it is much easier to keep your budget in check and spend wisely when you are alone than when you are travelling with friends or family members. You can save a few bucks here and there and treat yourself later. With everything in your control, you can decide where you want to live and where you want to eat. All this translates into cost savings that are not possible when travelling with someone.

Know Yourself Better

We are so occupied with our lives that we don’t even have time for ourselves. Our hectic work routine that traps us in a cycle don’t even let us enjoy some “Me” time. You might have heard many experts telling people to spend an hour with yourself but how many times you have followed their advice. Rarely, right. Travelling alone offers you a great chance to know yourself better. This will bring out the best in you. Let that little kid who always wanted to come out express itself fully. You never know you might be able to listen to your inner voice, which have be silenced due to noise around you.

Good for Health

Are you sick and tired of working day in and day out? Do you want a break? If yes, then travelling offers you a great escape from your hectic work routine and rejuvenates your mind and body.

Here are some of the reasons why traveling is good for your health. Explore the flora and fauna of the world and treat yourself to what nature has in store for you. Breathing in fresh air or walking on the beach as the waves collide with the sea shore will have a positive impact on your health. Treat your taste buds to different cuisine or eat local fruits and vegetables to stay fit and healthy.

You Can Go Wherever You Want

Travelling alone gives you a sense of freedom that group travelers can only dream of. Apart from the accommodation and eating, you can also choose your own route. There is no one to tell you that you must take a particular route to reach a particular destination. This open up doors for extra activities you can perform when you are alone. You don’t have to worry about safety and comfort or other members accompanying you on the trip.

Why do you want travel alone? Feel free to share your reason with us in the comments section below.

Author Bio: Ishrat Ali is a managing director of Alwasl yacht – a yacht rental Dubai. He is also running Alwasl Dhow – a Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina. Ishrat keeps close eye on ever changing trends. He loves tourism activities does parties & serve activities of travel & tourism.