Smart home control is not just restricted to security add-ons. Almost every home appliance can be linked up to your system to allow for a more efficient home. The following are some of the best household devices to make your daily life more streamlined.


1. Kitchen Appliances

Managing modest kitchen appliances using a home automation system is not just for convenience, it’s good for the environment as well. Small appliances have earned themselves the title of “energy vampires” due to the way they keep sucking energy just from being plugged in and not in use.

Transfer them into connected appliances by routing them to your outlet via a plug-in command module. That will let you handle your appliances a lot easier and make your kitchen appliances more energy efficient by limiting their power usage.


2. Lights

Make your lights automated by changing the light bulbs with ‘smarter’ Z-wave alternatives. Such devices instantly send communications to your home automation system with radio transmissions. Ordinary lamps can even be connected to your system. Just apply plug-in command modules and your once outdated fixtures will seem updated.


3. Audio Units

Built-in audio units are great accessories for any home entertainment arrangement, but wiring can be expensive — try to go wireless instead. Wi-Fi and Z-wave authorized speakers have the capacity to attach to and be commanded by your smart home unit.


4. Televisions

A smart TV can become even smarter if you connect it with the home automation arrangement. You won’t ever need to look around for misplaced remotes again. All you have to do is tap a smartphone application to manage your TV. When you link up a voice-controlled apparatus — such as Amazon Echo — simply take control of your TV using your voice.


5. Thermostats

Regulating your heating and air conditioning unit via your home automation scheme will allow your home to become more energy efficient to save more money on energy. A smart thermostat will give you much more functionality than only being able to turn the system remotely on and off.

Through the use of your home’s customized settings and sensors, it has the ability to control temperatures on factors like time of day and the number of people at home. This also regulates energy usage.


6. Beauty Tools

The number of times people we know who have left the house questioning whether or not they’ve left the curling iron on is way too high. It forces you to go home and check and isn’t as efficient as home batteries. When you turn your beauty devices into appliances that are connected to an overarching system, you don’t have to spend time wondering if you’ve left something turned on again.

With the help of a control module, attach your plugged-in devices as tools with your automated system. You could also set up warnings when tools are left running.


7. Fans

If the full force of the air conditioner is not required and you still want to cool things off, then fans are a great option. These are another tool that gets often be left running and neglected as you’re leaving. This unequivocally wastes valuable power. By adopting a control module, it gets rid of this need with the help of remote control through an app.


Since smart home technology is only going to develop into better variations, the opportunities for saving money on your appliances will increase as well. Making use of an integrated system based in the cloud affords you the best possibilities for adding and controlling more devices than you ever thought possible.