The wordpress is one of the famous CMS (content management system) in this world. It powers many of the websites online. Many of your favorite magazine bloggers, artists and even online stores make use of WordPress. If you are also willing to rock this world, then you have made a perfect decision.

Starting the wordpress can be best and for this you need to learn many related things. Starting up a wordpress blog site can help you in sharing ideas, knowledge and expert tips on the go. In one click, you can post videos, images or text on it and people on another side can view your blogs.

Well, there are many of the beginners that want to know the basic things which are really very important after launching of a wordpress blog. Moreover, there are some benefits as well. As soon as your wordpress site is ready to be used, you need to grow your business blog or portfolio in a careful way.

Soon after launching the site of WordPress, gear up yourself for great success. Include these 7 Important Basic When Launching a New WordPress Blog. Check them out below.

  1. Set up a unique tagline and title for your WordPress

The tagline of your site and its title only tells people in a second all about your site. Even the search engine traces your site with the best help of these titles and tagline. If you want to have a unique website, then your title and tagline must be capturing and alluring.

It is easy to modify both tagline and title on this WordPress. You just need to follow below steps as,

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In the above picture, you can see that you need to click on

  • Settings
  • Then on general

A page just like above appears where you can write your site title and tagline for uniqueness. Make sure your site’s URL is not the same as your title. It should be short, crisp and attractive. Similarly, if you are having any motto or tagline of your brand, fill in the blank with the same.

  1. CDN for your wordpress

The other step is taken up a content delivery network service. This is the best solution which takes content from your blog site and then further stores the same on different network servers across the globe. Similarly, when any of the visitors come on your blog site, they are served from their nearest location.

This offers your wordpress site more visibility and recognition.

  1. Setting up of the Google search console

This is highly important and must be added to your list. The Google search console assists in optimizing the site as per search engine optimization. It helps in the identification of issues related to your site structure and even helps in making both Google and their visitors happy. With the best help of GSC, one can learn more things as

  • Structure of internal links
  • The external links
  • Popular keywords
  • Issues related to sitemap and more
  1. Set up of the correct time zone

Similarly, you must keep in mind that your timezone in WordPress blog should be as per the local timezone. This assists in correct timing for all your scheduling work like scheduling of posts, backup, post publishing and more. For changing the timezone in your blog, follow below steps,

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  • Click on settings
  • General
  • Go on the option of time formats, time zone and date
  1. Addition of Google Analytics

Tracking of the website metrics and statistics is equally important for all the businesses, no matter whether it is small in size or big. Similarly, there are various applications available for web monitoring. You can find both paid and free apps as well. One of the best monitoring systems for all websites available is Google Analytics.

This Google analytics tool comes for free and can best track all statistics and records of your site visitors.

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As you can see above, it can track all records like the total visits in a particular month, the page views, the average duration of visitors on your site on a particular day, traffic source on your blog, the device used for visiting your wordpress blog and much more.

  1. Optimization of the site (The on-page search engine optimization)

The best ways for increasing website traffic can also be achieved by site content optimization for all search engines. It is termed as the on-page search engine optimization. All you need to do is, optimize your wordpress blog by making use of effective SEO plugin called Yoast.

This helps in writing only the content which is search engine optimized, meta description and title. It also helps in the generation of sitemap, which is highly required for a good SEO. This plugin can also help in optimizing the site and tells how it can be improved and can stand out.

  1. Change the basic information of the site

You must best customize the time zone, the site title, its tagline and even favicon. For a good boost of your WordPress blog, you need to create a good identity because Google really appreciates it. For doing this, you need to click on your wordpress dashboard and click on settings.

It is important for you to change the permalink structure. Use all friendly features as it best describes content for all the pages. For easy changing of permalink structure even follow the following steps as,

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See in the picture above and click on settings to go on permalinks. You will find different possibilities. The best thing is to make use of your post name in its URLs. Make sure that all the pages are great and filled with Google-friendly content.

Well, as 2018 is following the SEO pattern completely, content is one of the factors which is highly important and must be kept in mind for a good website ranking. This can only help your content to get a boost and can assist all the readers as well.

Moreover, as per the reports the content which are light and short gains more competitive edge as compared to the long and boring post. Thus, it is very important for all the wordpress blog sites to follow the above mentioned basic and important steps for ranking high in the organic search.

This can also assist in generating good traffic and for being updated on SEO metrics as well. Be practical and make sure you fulfill the topmost 7 important things after launching wordpress blog.

Author Bio –

Derek Luise is working as a Jr. content writer and blogger with Ranking By SEO. He can be seen blogging about digital marketing, SEO, SMO, PPC, etc.