Many people who don’t get a college degree become wealthy. For those who aim for a Bachelor’s degree and choose from several options in a growing industry, you can make over $50,000 annually right after graduation. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics shows detailed 2016 information for top-paying careers and their expected growth. Combined with information published from CareerCast, below are 8 career choices in a large variety of fields based on your preference to work socially or independently.

Job Opportunities in Need of Extroverts

The Harvard Business Review summarized studies showing extroverts make up over half of all students. Working well with other people is a source of growth for all companies, as they need people to make connections with other people and businesses to form partnerships, collect data, and perform sales, training or motivation. Here are 4 career opportunities for people who want work in social environments.

Psychologists for Larger Organizations

Much as schools had counselors, government and independent businesses are finding value in having mental health professionals on staff. Productivity levels increase and employees have easy access in the event of work or personal issues. Competition is heavy for entry-level Bachelor’s degree graduates, but the opportunity is there if you promise the hiring company to further your education.

Internet Marketers

Businesses are rapidly generating growth online, and they need help staying ahead of competition. That’s where promotional marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) skills are needed. People with a Bachelor’s degree in marketing, business or computers will have the necessary tools to help a company advance their digital footprint.

Pharmaceutical Representative

Graduates with degrees in a range of fields from science to marketing and love discussing products you believe in would do well as pharmaceutical reps. Expect to easily make over $70,000 annually if you get into specialty products. For those that love to travel, the company pays for everything, so adventure is constant and the job doesn’t get boring.

Investment Bankers

For those of you ready to work late nights and have a passion for money, new associate investment bankers or stockbrokers typically enter the field making over $70,000 annually. Many who easily identify trends begin to rapidly build trust and clientele, breaking into the six-figure incomes within a decade of graduation.

Job Opportunities in Need of Introverts

Kiwibox explains, among several other adaptive learning disciplines, how using Twitter hashtags assist student’s questions, especially introverts. Whether it’s making sense of an industry marketplace or using app development for a growing smartphone population, these 4 jobs offer opportunities to bridge gaps between those who need knowledge with those who have the knowledge, without a social obligation.


Several industries, including all insurance companies, base their rates on actuaries’ work, who evaluate risk based on probabilities and statistics. A Bachelor’s degree in math, finance or economics will typically offer $60,000 – $70,000 for entry-level workers. Additional field-specific exams offer significant income raises, with many top actuaries earning well over $200,000 annually.


You can easily earn over $50,000 straight out of college with a Bachelor’s degree in economics, or as a minor, especially in the federal government, and a Master’s will propel you into six-figure incomes. Economists evaluate data and discover trends in the domestic and international production of goods and services and their effects.

Financial and Budget Analysts

Financial and budget analysts use data to make companies better at keeping costs down, making businesses more profitable and efficient. Start with a Bachelor’s in finance, accounting or math and expect to break into six-figures by the time you get into management.

Software Development

Bachelor’s degrees in computer science bring current skills to companies, and the type of work needed by software developers, or software engineers, means companies are willing to hire telecommuters. Earn over $80,000 annually and save on daily transportation, too. By creating the software behind websites, apps, and AI, you’ll be advancing the digital world.