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Before I took these 8 steps to create my personal brand I was in a job I hated and my career was going nowhere.


Before I invested in my personal brand, I was in a field I no longer liked and working for a company that didn’t listen to a single one of my ideas, EVER. I was in a major career slump, and I needed to pivot in a big way. I decided that going all in on developing my personal brand was the way to get back to doing something where I felt fulfilled and challenged. Now, I run my own social media marketing company, and I wake up every day excited to be investing in my future.

Recently, I’ve had some conversations with several people online that insisted that they don’t have a personal brand. What I told them is that whether they like it or not, if they’re in business they have a reputation. Today, that reputation extends online.

It’s up to you on how you manage that reputation. Those that are serious about their reputation are using social media to grow their business and used their personal brand to become influential in their field.

Consumers have been over-marketed to by companies, and they have become resistant to many traditional forms of advertising. Research shows that people are now more likely to be influenced by individuals more than organizational marketing. Thus, it’s more important than ever to have a personal brand.

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