I have been a digital marketer for eight years at ProofHub (a project management tool) where I and my team have constantly traversed through changing and evolving digital landscape. With so many years in this industry, I believe it’s safe to say that digital marketing remains a central component of our 2019 strategies. Keeping this in mind, I have got a marketing tip for all of you there, trust me, you need to know this.

“If you are not aware of the product better than any of your customers, you definitely cannot be a good marketer for it. Stop waiting for the time when your team members will educate you on your product; study it on your own.”

It’s clear that in today’s digital world, you’ve to stay on top at all times. The digital landscape continues to shift every year as we mark the rise of artificial intelligence, chatbots, and more. These are many paid and free digital marketing tools to help you manage all the bits and scraps of your digital marketing wheelhouse. Here we cut you through the technology and fill you with what you need to focus on in 2019. So, without further ado, let’s jump into the powerful digital marketing tools for your business in 2019.

1. ProofHub for Project Management and Efficient Communication

Some primary challenges that any marketing team faces is project management and efficient communication. ProofHub lets you manage all the moving parts of your marketing projects. A project management software with features to always stay up-to-date on all of your tasks, share documents, and keep track of upcoming events with a shared calendar. It’s an all-in-one solution needed to plan, schedule, report, and deliver a project.

2. SpyFu for Competitor Keyword Research


SpyFu allows marketers to view key marketing information from their competitors. Search for any domain and see every place they’ve shown up on Google: every keyword they’ve bought on Adwords, every organic rank, and ads for paid and organic search. The backlink kombat feature is one of the main attraction as it compares up to 3 competitors and finds out the keywords you’ve missed.

3. Screaming Frog for Site Health/Technical SEO

A website crawler, that allows you to crawl websites’ URLs and fetch key elements to analyze technical and onsite SEO. Just pick a domain and crawl through its pages in the same way a search engine does. You need this tool to keep your site in top shape to score high with technical SEO, including broken links and pages. It’s great for On-Page SEO too!

4. Hotjar Website Tracking and Understand Your Users

So what is Hotjar? It is a popular analytics and feedback tool that visualizes how users engage with your site. Hotjar is the right tool for marketers who want to track website visitors and see the data as heatmaps. See your visitor’s clicks, taps, and mouse movements, identify on which page and at which step most visitors are leaving your site, and discover why your visitors abandon your form and page.

5. MeetEdgar for Social Media Posting

You should be knowing this ideal social media scheduling tool. Right? I probably cannot skip this because of the importance it holds for digital marketers. Edgar made my own social media marketing infinitely easier as it makes it easy to schedule and automate the content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn!

6. AdEspresso for Digital Advertising

Knowing how to create effective Facebook ads is more important than ever for digital marketers. AdEspresso is specifically for Facebook advertising. It analyzes the performance of your ads so you can more easily recognize what’s working and what’s not. Browse the collection of some of the best Facebook ads to get started.

7. Animoto for Visual Design

If you’re looking for a serious boost in content engagement, Animoto is the way to go for video editing. They have a video if want to focus on telling your company story or to educate customers on what you sell, or simply click on template category to preview each template. Add your media, and publish to share your video across your social media accounts.

“Planning to improve the online efficiency of your business? Let ProofHub help. Sign up today!”

8. Pitchbox to Improve Link Building

Undoubtedly, every marketer knows that the links are an important part of SEO. we have to put a good amount of effort in link building because it help users and bots navigate a site and give search engines information about its quality. You can use Pitchbox for blogger outreach, advanced search, product reviews, competitiors backlink, website import, and allows you to find influencers in your niche in a matter of seconds.

9. Buzzstream to Automate Your Relationship Building

Intelligent automation methods for hands-free follow up with your contacts. Because online business is all about relationship building, BuzzStream help you automate the relationship building process. Marketers use BuzzStream to track a variety of metrics, schedule emails, organizing and databasing potential link partners and influencers, and to quickly add any prospects to the competitor links project.

What is a genie without his lamp, and what is a marketer without the ever-evolving toolkit of marketing tools? I absolutely love these incredible tools, for years and beyond. I believe the list of tools can amplify your ability to get the word out. If you’ve got some favorite tools, let us know in the comments below.