Selling is hard—especially early on in the lifecycle of a company, when potential customers have no idea who you are or what you have to offer. The nine products and resources below are sure to at least alleviate the challenge of selling by helping you more easily find, follow up with, and build relationships over the long-term with potential customers and clients. We hope there’s something on this list that will help you. And, if you’re still hungry for more, you can find a comprehensive list of sales tools here on Product Hunt.


1. Sell One Thing

Create a checkout page that integrates with Stripe for credit card payments in under two minutes. This is an ideal tool if you want to sell just one product without having to open up a full-blown online shop.


2. Streak

Traditional CRMs are usually either too robust or require that you change your workflow. Sales life is about to get so much easier with this simple integration that turns your Gmail inbox into an intuitive, seamless CRM.


3. Maître

This is a super simple but highly effective tool built to help you create curiosity and anticipation during the launch of your latest product or service. You can create this widget, which is essentially a waiting list with a built-in referral system, in about a minute and embed it onto any webpage. Future customers are rewarded by moving further up the queue whenever they get their friends to sign up, too.


4. Clearbit Connect

This is like Rapportive on crack. Now you can see personal and company information about your contacts right inside your Gmail inbox next to every conversation. You can also use it to find business email addresses—so no more searching endlessly on websites or trying to guess what someone’s email actually is.


5. Entro

Sending email introductions can be a pain, but this tool makes it easier than ever. There are automatic functions for double opt-in, as well as follow-up reminders to check in down the road and see how the introduction went. This is absolute gold if you find yourself introducing (or being asked to make introductions) all of the time.


6. Charlie

An hour before each meeting (you can set it to a different time, too), you’ll get a summary of the person you’re meeting with, including: common connections you share, similar hobbies and passions, recent social media posts, and breaking news articles that mention the person you’re meeting with or his/her company. You’ll never feel unprepared for a call again.


7. Bounce Bar

This simple script allows you to publish eye-catching banner bars on your site without any code. You can target these CTA bars to users based on what site they came from and whether they’re blocking your ads. You can also set up different bars for different web pages, which is really useful if you want to highly tailor your CTAs throughout your site. This is such a simple tool, but it has the potential to greatly impact your conversion rates — no matter what you want your visitors to do.


8. Business Model Kit

This kit makes business modeling fun again. It’s a useful tool that will help you whiteboard what your company might look like in 5, 10, or 20 years. When you’re thinking about the bigger picture — like multiple revenue streams, partnerships, and complex supplier transactions — this will help you get your creative (and organizational) juices going.


9. Sales List

If you’re looking for even more cool stuff for salespeople, bookmark this curated list of tools and resources. You’ll find dozens of tools for lead generation, automation, CRMs, and prospecting.


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