When you hire a call center (also known as a contact center) to aid your business, you’re not just hiring the human equivalent of an answering machine. You’re hiring a business tool. It’s a tool that streamlines your company’s day-to-day operations and facilitates customer acquisition and retention. Call center agents don’t just address customer questions and complaints. They’re on the frontlines and can powerfully influence customers’ first contact with your organization. Here are nine reasons why a call center can boost your business.

  1. Positive interaction with customers

According to Forbes Magazine, 80 percent of callers will hang up if they’re routed to voicemail. Most callers want the intimacy of human contact and conversation; a personal touch. Companies that simply field their own calls and utilize voice mail are sabotaging potential revenues and alienating potential customers.

  1. Make your business accessible

Call centers make your business available 24 hours a day, every day, all year round. Call centers even operate on holidays. This gives customers the peace of mind that comes with call center accessibility. These centers also satisfy the basic human desire for immediate gratification. You’ll be providing exceptional customer service by being there for people whenever they need you. Reliability is a business necessity.

  1. Streamline your business

When staffers have to juggle calls, compounding their existing tasks, work quality suffers and they burn out. The sole focus of customer service agents is customer service. Agents usually have the information patrons seek right at their fingertips and can quickly relay it to them. They are either experts in their field or have been trained to have specific knowledge.

  1. Save you money

Call centers already have their own equipment. This spares you maintenance and replacement costs. Running your own call center is costly. If you set up your own center, you’ll have to ante up cash for software that supports call routing, call distribution and call monitoring. You’ll also have to pay for recording and call barging. It’s sophisticated technology that call centers already have in place.

  1. Have expertise that you don’t

Call centers are well-versed in quality assurance, staffing, call volume and usage of center-specific software. These are burdens that would quickly overwhelm you and divert you from the primary responsibilities of operating your business. Handing these tasks over to a call center frees you to do what you do best.

  1. Can transform indecisive people into paying customers

Customers are often indecisive about what they want. If they are deftly steered by an agent, they can be guided to settle upon a specific choice of product or service.

  1. Are tailored to your niche

Call centers aren’t populated with random employees who possess generic knowledge. They are staffed with workers who specialize in your specific niche. Additionally, they understand how to tailor their services to small and large businesses. This cognizance of customer needs instills trust in those customers.

  1. Emanate Professionalism

Call center agents are the first — possibly only — contact a customer has with your organization. Customers typically judge a business by their initial interaction with call service representatives. Agents are trained to professionally interact with customers, even under duress. One positive interaction with a knowledgeable, personable agent can garner a customer for life. It can also influence positive word-of-mouth about your company.

  1. Provide convenience

Customer gratification no longer hinges upon spending gas and time going to a brick-and-mortar business to place orders, ask questions or resolve issues. Customers’ needs are satisfied from the comfort of their own home, anywhere in the world.

At call centers, talk isn’t cheap. Call centers are, in fact, a valuable investment. They foster the customer interaction and retention your business needs to grow and thrive. A call center will make you the talk of the town.