Nothing makes the weekend perfect than an amazing animated movie. The smell of popcorn and bag of chips are the perfect combination with animated movies but more than its amazing graphics and breathtaking visuals, there is a lot more which makes us all fall in love with animated movies. Here are nine good reasons:

1.    Brings a happy feeling:

It’s true that a good animated movie brings a big smile on our face. The innocence and cuteness involve in the making of the animated movie bring happiness in our life.

Some people say that animated movies connect us with our childhood. It brings the memories of our young age when we watch cartoons on TV. We not only feel delighted but also feel associated which is a bit difficult when we watch any other movies. In short animated movies make us happy and take us to our childhood at the same time.

2.    It allows double thinking:

If you want to incorporate double thinking in a single character, nothing can do it better than an animated movie for example if we talk about the character of Gru from Despicable Me, you can see an evil mind with a sweet and kind heart, killing people but still dressing up in a pink tutu dress for his daughter’s dance practice. If a storyteller has to do it for the live action character, it would be really difficult and confusing at the same time. That is why animated movies are the best way to bring the element of double thinking and bringing an outstanding character at the same time.

3.    Nothing is impossible in animated movies:

Have you watched Frozen where Elsa made an entire castle and city out of the show using her powers?

Well, when it comes to animated movies, there is nothing which a character cannot do! That is why if you want to give them any power, characteristics or ability you can. Many movies are taking help of top animation companies or professional animators to add visual effects and animations in the movie and make it stand out such as The Avengers. Adding animation unleash your creativity and ability to make something extraordinary from ordinary.

4.    We all love heroism:

We all have a deep love for bravery, no matter how old we get!

We all love Samba from The Lion King, Blu the blue bird from Rio or the Robot Baymax from Big Hero 6, the hero spirit of these characters make us all fall in love with it.

That is why these movies stand out from other movies and bring the true essence of heroism in any ordinary character making us believe that anyone can become a hero.

This is the major reason not only children, but people of all ages loves animated movies, associate it with themselves and remember it for a long time.

5.    It unleashes your inner child:

Yes, I know that the animated movies are childish and guess what, it is the best part. It takes us away form frustrated and stressful life that is why these movies are perfect escape out from daily depressing routine.

I mean what can make life wonderful if animals can talk, fishes can show human emotions, and birds can dance and play while robots can make you happy and sad.

Animated movies are your best way out and as compare to thrill and action movies they make you feel lighter and happier by taking you away from harsh realities and ugly truth of life. Therefore as much as children love animated movies, elders also love them for the reason that they unleash a child inside them.

6.    Laughter, laughter and laughter:

Who can ignore the funny expressions of Po the Panda from Kung Fu Panda and stop themselves from laughing? There are many other characters from animated movies that have made us laugh and smile that is why if you want to have fun and a good laugh then there are many animated movies you can watch and have fun!

7.    Brings the whole family together:

When it comes to family time, the most difficult part is to select the right movie and pass time that is why animated movies are your best bet. These movies are not only suitable for all ages but also allow you to bring your family together and enjoy it. Therefore you can pick your favorite animated movie and connect your family and friends especially your children.

8.    Gives a grown-up perspective:

Most of the animated movies show the character of 21 years old or so, showing children how it looks when you grow up. It gives you a good experience what happens when we grow up, what challenges do we face and how unpredictable life can get. Many movies have shown the grown-up perspective inducing How to Train a Dragon and many others. It also gives a good example to face problems with courage and never gives up.

9.    Bring unlimited creativity:

Creativity is the essential part of the animated movies and more than anything else, tremendous creativity and efforts go in the animated movies. That is why each scene gives outstanding expressions and details. If you want to get your hands on creativity animated movies are your best bet while you can see the work and hard work put into it.