Ruby on the rails, the trending thing the entire social media and app market is filled with. If this is the modern time programming language, PHP is the traditional programming language which has been here for decades and has spread its root strong. Both have pros and cons of their own. If you are the on the verge of choosing your career path and confusing on taking the live project training in which language, then refer the comparative study of both of them and decide yourself where you want to diverge your ways to.

PHP Programming Language

PHP one of the most popular scripting language for the website development. The glittering parts of the PHP programming language are that it is flexible and fast and has a wide scope. This programming language is used from simple blogging to huge websites. Let’s have a sneak peak of both the positive and negative sides of the PHP programming language.

Pros of PHP

  • The learning session of this language is quite short.

  • This programming language is simple and easy to learn and quick to implement.

  • The scale of users is vast which encourages more and more developers to indulge in PHP training.

  • The database support that PHP language provides is highly extensive.

  • It can be deployed on the majority of the web servers.

  • PHP language is compatible with each and every platform and every operating system.

  • PHP language entails extension API and native session management.

  • Offers code execution also in the restricted areas.

Cons of PHP

  • As compared to other programming languages, PHP is considered weak on the security standards.

  • The error handling ability of this language is vulnerable.

  • Not considered to be a good fit for the desktop apps.

  • Portability and deployment can be complicated as the language semantics can be changed with global configuration parameters.

Ruby Programming Language

Ruby is considered to be entirely object-oriented and interpreted programming language. Ruby basically runs with ruby on rails or mere rails. Ruby is an open source and full stack web app framework. This programming language was developed in Japan having automatic memory management along with dynamic type system. Let’s explore the list of pros and cons to determine whether it is worth taking training and shaping the career with or not.

Pros of Ruby

  • It’s an open source platform.

  • This language has a flexible syntax.

  • The string handling capacity of the Ruby programming language is very powerful.

  • The security knots of this language is efficiently tightened.

  • The syntax is very easy and clean which lets the developer learn the language smoothly and promptly.

  • Connection to MySQL, Oracle, DB2, and Sybase is easy.

  • Specifically, object-oriented programming language.

  • This language also has a debugger.

  • This language is considered to be very high level.

  • Apt for writing big and scalable programs and maintaining them is even easier.

  • Uses simple API for writing multi-threaded mobile apps.

Cons of Ruby

  • Learning this language is quite difficult.

  • The scarcity of informational resources.

  • Developing with this language and making update therein is slow.

  • As compared to other programming languages, the processing time is quite slow.

Wrapping Up

You have read both the sides of both the languages, now make your decision which language suits you the most. Both the languages are prevalent in the market and shaping future in either of them would give you a lucrative career. However, if you opt for Ruby programming language, you will be a bit restricted as the language is new with its basic framework being rails. PHP is the best for building HTML pages whereas Ruby is best for building web apps.