Wondering what is the most important part of web application development? Whether you are a developer or a stakeholder, your most primary concern is getting everything that is best for creating the application. The way your web application will turn out largely depends on choosing the correct technology stack.

It is similar to constructing a building. You need a solid foundation. A technology stack works in the same way. It consists of a framework, programming languages, and other software products help build a web application.

There are two types of technology stacks required for every web development:

1. Server-side programming

It is like a power station that generates electricity for your house but you can’t see it. Server-side programming is used to develop the web application and has tools that make coding faster and simpler. It also consists of a database to store all information about and inside the web application. Other things included in the server-side programming are the server itself and a caching system.

2. Client-side programming

This involves data that is displayed on the applications for users to see. It consists of two parts — 1) Hypertext Markup Language and Cascading Style Sheets and 2) JavaScript.

This brings us to the question — how to choose the best technology stack for your web application development company.

Here’s a guide that will help you:

1. Type of Web Application

You can divide web application type into three categories – simple, mid-level, and complex. A simple web application is usually developed using CMS software for simple pages like a landing page. Mid-level web application has more apps and functions and is built using a framework. On the other hand, a complex application is one that has multiple integrations and functions. It is built using several different programming languages and web development technologies. Social networks and ecommerce stores come under this category. Hire dedicated resources that can handle such load.

2. Time to Market

Lesser the time taken to release your web application in the market, the better chances you have to stay ahead in the competition. It means that your application requires less coding and is complex. However, you cannot waste too much time as you have any competition to participate in. So, while selecting your technology stack, you need to make sure to add open-source libraries with it. You should select a framework that has a large developer community to help you out with problems.

The tech stack should also support third-party solutions that you need to get your application working. The language you choose should give you enough choice of programmers.

3. Security

We all know that cyber attacks are the most common threat in the United States, India, the United Kingdom, European Union, Canada, and Australia. According to the Juniper Research forecast, companies all around the world are going to suffer financial losses of $2.1 trillion by 2019 because of cyber attacks.

This makes it very crucial for your web application be secure. Components you choose should add up to give you the maximum level of security possible. Also, make sure to follow guidelines, rules, and regulations offered by the components to reduce vulnerabilities that come with the online world.

4. Cost of Development

There are two types of costs every web application development services company is concerned about, which are developer salary and web application maintenance cost. All highly skilled developers are well paid but there are still slight differences that can help you save a few bucks.

A PHP developer earns around $42/ hour in the United States, while a Ruby developer earns  $55.78/ hour, which is the highest. To save money spent on app development and maintenance, opt for an open source framework that is completely free.

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