If you have decided to buy your first motorcycle, you probably have a lot of questions regarding the models, the features and cost. Or maybe this is not your first motorcycle at all. Whatever the case is, one of the key things you need to be informed about before you sit on your bike is the question of safety.

As you know, a motorcycle is not exactly as safe as a car is. You are on two wheels, unprotected and exposed. That’s why having proper safety equipment is crucial for you to be safe at all times. In case you’ve wondered what proper safety motorcycle equipment is, here’s a quick guide:

1. Helmet

A helmet could really save your life. Head injuries are the most dangerous of all injuries, and, unfortunately, they are fairly common in motorbike accidents. So, the first thing is to get a quality helmet. There are various designs on the market, so you can have your pick because there isn’t one standardized model. However, you need to check if the helmet you’re interested in has been approved according to the health and safety rules. The model also needs to fit your head well because a model that wobbles on your head won’t do you any good if an accident occurs.

2. Gloves

Gloves are often forgotten as being an essential part of the safety equipment. Don’t make that mistake because you need to have a firm grip while you’re riding your bike in the rain or strong wind. A pair of quality gloves will protect your hands but also help you to have control of the bike. Heavy rains are frequent culprits when a biker loses their grip on the throttle, which can end with a fatal crash. That’s why you need to look for gloves with specifically designed gripping palms. Also, if an accident does occur, your hands will definitely come in contact with the harsh road. That’s where good gloves could really protect you from painful injuries.

3. Jacket

When choosing a jacket, you won’t have a lot of choices as you do with the helmet. Forget about cool black leather jackets you’ve seen in movies. They won’t protect you if you experience a crash. Still, many manufacturers today have found a way to combine a high level of safety with attractiveness, so you may manage to find a model you really like. The models you need to be really safe are those with the reinforced back, elbow and chest areas. There’s a reason for this – these are the parts of your body that will experience the greatest force during a crash. Once you know what a safe jacket has to have, you can move on to finding the store that will also have attractive models that are also made according to safety standards. You can see various models on online stores like MXstore because many bikers today manage to find just the right model while browsing the net, not checking out local stores.

4. Boots

Finally, your boots won’t have to follow very strict rules when it comes to motorcycle safety. Still, there are some features your boots should have. First of all, your ankles must be well-supported and the sole must be hard enough to endure a crash. There is a chance that you’ll fall awkwardly if you have an accident and sprain your ankle, so you better buy boots that are tight and sturdy to prevent this from happening. If possible, look for waterproof boots because you can’t predict the weather every time you sit on your motorcycle, and nobody likes wearing wet socks!

All in all

Being safe is the most important thing to do before you sit on the motorcycle. Just a few carefully chosen pieces of clothing can save your life and prevent serious injuries.