Bitcoin is one of the most prominent names in the spheres of virtual currency. The success rates achieved by the former cryptocurrency have left all the industrial verticals spellbound. Operating on the Blockchain, it is used for making peer to peer transaction in a complete authenticated way.

Now people are diverting towards making payments via Bitcoins and owing to this fact, ample of mobile apps such as OkCupid, WordPress, and Expedia are already using bitcoins as their one of the payment models.

The concept of integrating payment systems in the development of the mobile app is nothing new, but the concept of adding the bitcoin as the mode of transaction is certainly quite trending and innovative in the niche.  So the question arises how to add bitcoin payment gateway into a mobile app? Well, you need to create cryptocurrency wallet powered by bitcoin API. One of the most used API is Chain-java that enables to integrate the bitcoin payment gateway into the mobile app.

Before processing the integration steps, lets us find out what is cryptocurrency or a bitcoin wallet app?

Precisely, bitcoin wallet app can be defined as a digital wallet that is confined to send, receive and store bitcoins.

Other than executing the above functions, it contains public and private keys as well that is used for making the transaction over the blockchain in a completely reliable and sophisticated manner.

Reasons why you need a bitcoin wallet app into your mobile app

Well, adding the bitcoin-based mobile wallet into your mobile app is very much justified. It keeps the users at a bay from payment hacking and information leak problems. There are many other benefits as well that the bitcoin payments models contribute to your app.

1.)    Simplified transactions

Bitcoin is extremely fast in executing the transactions. One of the major reasons being, it does not require any third party for processing the payments further. It is a decentralized medium for transferring the funds across the globe in a very reliable way and charges very low commission fees for executing the transactions in the queue.

2.)    Anonymous

For making or processing any transaction, you simply need a bitcoin wallet address of the recipient. Anonymous means, that in this case the identity of the recipient is kept quite confidential.

The sender cannot determine the wallet with which the address is associated thus making the core value of the transaction quite strengthened.

3.)    Secured

The transactions made through bitcoin wallet are completely secured and authenticated. Every transaction is signed by the digital signature before it is processed.  This way the process becomes much secured and ensures that the transactions are processed in a convenient way.

4.)    Safeguarded against inflation

Unlike the real currency, the bitcoins cannot be controlled or banned by any governmental organizations. Therefore, there is absolutely no probability that your bitcoins will become illegal in the coming future. You can always make money by selecting the bitcoins as one the major payment models.

Well, these were some of the major advantages of having a bitcoin wallet app. Indeed adding the bitcoin wallet in mobile apps for sure will raise the standards of your app.  So, here find out the basic steps via which a bitcoin wallet can be integrated into a mobile app.

1.)    Implement the bitcoin API

This is the very first step, in which the bitcoin API is integrated into the app. Here the developers are not at all required to code. They just have to use the API for enabling the app to receive, send and store bitcoins. Mostly Chain-java or the bitcoin can be used to deeply integrate Bitcoin into your application.

Both of the bitcoin API helps you to access the blockchain thus, making it easy to transfer the payments.

2.)     Create a button to process the bitcoin transactions

In this step, the developers have to perform a bit of coding. They just have to add a button to the payment module so that the payment could be processed further over the blockchain.

In case you don’t feel like adding these API you can create your own bitcoin wallet as well. But that will certainly require a lot of coding. You can use the for generating the address of the recipients, for making the server communication easier and bitcoin core RPC for creating app interface.

So, these were the major steps and the protocols that are implemented for integrating the bitcoin wallet in the mobile app.

For developing the mobile apps integrated with the bitcoin-based wallet into an app, certainly, you must identify the astute squad of mobile app developers, testers, and designers for engineering quality mobile apps.

Certainly, developing an app integrated with the bitcoin payment mode is a unique trend in the domain of app development ecosystem. The usability rate of such payments models is likely to rise at a higher rate in the coming future.

Therefore, if you planning to launch your new venture then adding the bitcoin wallet is undeniably necessary. In the world of digitization, there is an utmost necessity to maintain the pace with the ever-evolving technologies and integrating the bitcoin wallet is definitely one of the most crucial steps in the journey of making products quite noteworthy and remarkable.