For someone who has a lot of hobbies that requires some form of construction, you likely have a workspace in your garage. Better yet, you may even have an entire garage devoted to your hobbies and work. If that’s the case, you probably have a desk, your tools, and whatever materials you need for your hobbies or work. However, unless you happen to spend a lot of time in that garage, it’s probably lacking quite a few features that could utterly transform your work garage. Not only can it be a functional space, but it could just become your very own home away from home. This article will go over a few tips about the additions you can make to utterly transform your work garage into something incredible.

  1. Fireplace

For those who work in their garage during the winter season, you probably have a space heater or a working heating system in your garage to ensure your fingers don’t freeze off while you work or play. However, have you ever considered fireplace inserts? These awesome guys basically rest inside of a depression in the wall. As such, they don’t take up a lot of space in an area which is important for those who need as much space as they can in their garage. The fireplace can keep the entire area warm and just add an overall cozy feeling to the interior of the garage. Why should your work garage just be a place where you go to work? And why does it have to look like a hardware store?

Add in a fireplace to make your work garage look amazing and to keep you warm during the chillier months. The sound of the wood burning and fire cracking can also be quite the soothing aesthetic to keep your mind focused as you work. With a fireplace in your work garage, you can be sure other individuals who work in their garage will be quite jealous.

  1. Furniture

While you may have a desk, chair, and a few other tables around your work garage, do you actually have any furniture? Even if your work garage is just outside of your home, you should have a space within your work garage where you can just relax when you’re on break. Put in a few pieces of furniture like a sofa or even a recliner and just make it a little homey. For a work garage that also fronts as a business, you can offer a comfortable space for your clients and customers to take a seat while you finish up their order or while you fetch it for them. Adding in a few nice pieces of furniture can not only make your work garage look cozy, but can offer you a place of refuge.


With any garage that is used as a place for work, storage is always a problem. While building an addition to your garage is an excellent option, some people just don’t have the space. In that case, working with what you got is key. You may be stacking your materials and tools on the floor, but the vertical space of your garage is likely being unused. A few simple hooks attached to the ceiling can open a whole new place for storage. You can hang your tools and other items from these hooks and open up additional floor space.

  1. Additional Lighting

If you’re relying on natural lighting from the two windows your garage boasts or the single light in the middle of the garage, you probably have poor lighting. For a work garage, it’s especially important to have good lighting to limit your eye strain. Find bright lights that can be easily attached to your ceiling for an incredible change or purchase floor lamps that cover the area.