I remember when I was looking for growth hacking guide, a few years ago, and all that google was showing in the result was just bunch of premature contents that have mixed up everything and sold it as growth hacking.

Internet was full of people who could charge you for advise like: Publish great content – Content is the king – and I did not know where the hell is queen, if content is ruling the world!

If you are feeling what I felt a few years a go, then I suggest to sit tight, as I’m going to walk you through a comprehensive growth hacking module and a great, fun infographic.

Before you get started, In case you are in rush or don’t have time to finish the article a one shot, you can download it here.

Today, growth hacking is one of the most intriguing marketing phenomena that entrepreneurs and digital marketers talk about. Rather unfortunately, there are not many growth hacking guides for internet marketers to refer too.

In fact, I’m so surprised to see the number of marketers who will test and implement every single growth hacking technique under the sun! For god sake, Why every one is so obsessed with trying everything without thinking whether it works or not [thinking loud]?

Shouldn’t you be putting the growth hacking process in place.

Don’t you have to follow a proven growth hacking framework?

As a matter of fact, growth hacking is not about following the ‘by the book’ rules. A growth hacking guide should be all about unconventional marketing strategies that empower  you to break through, and grow even 10x faster.

When it comes to growth marketing strategies, there are plenty of deadly mistakes that even successful entrepreneurs make.

Among all of the jobs that a growth hacker do, to me, one of the most damaging one is not building a solid foundation for growth; which is a growth driven business model. In fact, the foundation of your growth hacking strategies must be built upon your business model patterns; otherwise you won’t be able to implement exceptional customer acquisition strategies.

after researching for a long time, I have discovered an easy to implement, yet very powerful 4 step strategy called the advanced growth hacking framework.

Let me walk you through each and every steps.

Generally, I believe in explaining concepts in a very simplified manner, that’s why I broke down the proven growth framework to four essential steps: Attract, Engage, Acquire, and grow.

In a nutshell, you can 100% grow your business if you follow these 8 proven tips.

  • Design a growth driven business model
  • Perform thorough market research
  • Put a lean customer acquisition process in place – attract prospects, activate and engage customers and improve your business according to user’s behaviors.
  • Make your decisions based on proven facts extracted from market intelligence
  • Use the right business pattern or business super-charger.
  • Focus on growth hacking strategies that churn out results
  • Concentrate on increasing your CRO through conversion optimization strategies
  • Allocate enough time and resource to engage with users, prospects, and customers


Check out the below definitive guide for growth hacking Gifographic. I’ve covered four essential steps of growth hacking and customer acquisition scheme that you can implement right away and churn out extraordinary results. after that, just like a growth hacking 101, I’ll walk you through each phase, step by step.




The First step in the guide for growth hacking is about customer acquisition strategy, and it helps you to create a lean and growth-driven business model. this is the part that more than 96% of growth strategist miss.

Let’s get a few thing right, in case you think that a growth driven lean business model is some kind of theoretical concepts, and not necessary, or you believe that I it is a lengthy document that has no value to growth, … then keep reading because you’re about to be surprised.

In fact, a solid growth hacking strategy sits exactly on top of the growth driven business model. A solid growth driven business model consists of 9 building blocks, at least 1 business pattern, or supercharger, and series of growth strategies that sit on top of that.

Of course in my premium program: the advanced growth hacking program I teach my growth strategy students but I thought it would be good to share a few strategic points to build your business to grow too. in case you wanna know more about it head to the definitive guide for business model patterns and get yourself ready for this amazing little known strategy.

When it comes to growth strategy marketing you must focus on three building block: At first differentiating your Value Proposition. In plain English “what are your offering to your customers to solve their problems” that your rivals are not doing?, and then your customer segments, which are different group of people, companies and whoever you are going to sell your product, and finally the customer relationships block that connects all growth hacking strategies to these two blocks and boost your revenue.

The first thing you got to remember is that your prospects and customers have some issues, and challenges and they are looking for a solution. So whatever you are offering should address a valid problem, otherwise you’re going to be out of business, soon.

As i shown in the infographic, Skype and Nespresso have both managed to grow their business on top of a successful business model.



The next thing you should do is to attract people to your business.

The growth marketing strategies that work great are:

the first one is Giveaway Contests:

  • – Set achievable goals
  • – Choose a Product People Love
  • – Offer it for limited Time
  • – Launch & Spread the News
  • – Announce the winners

Easy right!

Offering giveaways is like inviting your customer to a lunch but ask them to compete against each other in a dance competition. You’d be surprised by their talents! The same principle applies to growth hackers too. When you offer a give away, create a gamification process that intrigue people to share it on their social media, blogs, or among their friends. That way you are creating a buzz at no cost.

The next strategy would be link building.

You can follow the growth hacking guide and these steps and build high quality white hat back links.

  • – Analyse Trends, and Find a Catchy Topic
  • – Create Epic Content
  • – Make it fun to read
  • – Submit it to Google, and Publish!
  • – Reach out to bloggers & offer your content
  • – Get a link back to your site, BooooM!

The best tools to use and follow the trends are google trends and buzzsumo.

once you’ve completed your content, just use a personalized script and send it to your market boosters [those who have the power to boost you business], like other bloggers, and journalists.

The secret is not to push and don’t sell. be smart, and build relationship. Links are not built over night, [in fact only black hat links are build overnight, and I strongly recommend to keep your distance from these methods]



Once you’re done with those steps, it is time to engage your audience [I mean both existing customers, and potential prospects, ]

how do you engage users?

There are plenty of ways to engage customers on social media, email marketing, guest blogging, etc.

In fact, engaging has two positive sides. One is that you are increasing awareness for those who are new to your business, ad also you are activating those who have not taken any action to make a purchase from you.

One of the best ways to engage customers and activate them would be through webinars, you just have to focus on your value proposition. In fact, you can attend my free growth hacking webinar now.

Did you know that 54% of your audience are most likely to participate in poll,  51% like open chat, and 40% use the emoji in their webinar responses!

It’s never enough to talk about CTA or call to action.

If you want to engage your customers through email marketing, you can boost your success rate by 28% if you include a CTA in your message.



A critical stage that you must always remember  is that as a growth hacker it is your responsibility to continuously monitor your results and optimize your pages for higher growth rate.

It can start from increasing your CTR, click through rate, by using better heading , to talking to your hosting provider and try to find solutions to reduce your website’s loading time.

Obviously, strategies like landing page optimization, and split testing that are mentioned in the growth hacking guide help you to boost your conversion rate and engage with your customers on your site in a more professional way.

You should focus on customer’s behavior and test everything to see what is more appealing to them.

For example:

  •  – What Color?
  • – Which Button?
  • – What Menu style?
  • – Left or right Sidebar?
  • – Popup or form?
  • – Boxed or Wide Page?

or anything that improves your conversion rate should be optimized on a regular basis.



The world of growth hacking is endless because it all goes back to how do you want to grow your business and how create are you going to be in implementing those growth strategies.

If you want to download the definitive guide for growth hacking and the infographic, feel free to click on the image below and download i, and don’t forget to register for the next advanced growth hacking webinar.

On the other hand, I’d love to hear your feedback and know what strategies do you use for customer acquisition and growth hacking.