In this era of Digital Marketing age, where everything runs around technology & production of various features & characteristics motivates each business to reach the top. With the expanding number of smartphone users & mobile application development in India, the connection between the brands and consumers is expanding also. Therefore, it is the time to understand the advantages of Hybrid Apps which helps businesses to adopt the digital business strategy to outreach new heights.

In Mobile Application development, there are different perspectives which must be kept in mind, out of which one is the size as there are numerous mobile resolutions so one size does not fit all. This is when Hybrid Application Development come into the picture which is most preferred by all & it falls perfectly in between Native App & Web App which helps businesses to take benefits of both native & web properties. Hybrid Apps are featured like multi-platform (One App, Multiple Device) and an amazing user experience which is both time-saving & less expensive.

Let’s have a look at the attributes which makes the Hybrid Apps idea for businesses:

1) Cost Effective: The assets, time and money used in building the hybrid application are low when compared to native & web app, which is competent to the small companies with the limited budget. Simpler mobile development frameworks like Javascript, HTML & CSS are used in Hybrid development along with the set of libraries with standard tools  which automatically reduce the overall application cost & time. Hence, hybrid apps are a bonus for startups who are restricted by the minimum budget due to low investing strength. These are normally called a (MVP) minimum viable product.

2) High End User Experience: Beyond any doubt, everyone know that the key factor that drives traffic to a mobile app is User Experience. And hybrid apps are the ones that is based on the idea of “information is just a tap away” and it takes you into the comfort zone because it offers an enhanced user experience and a consistent UX designs across multiple platforms.

3) Faster Speed: As we are aware that customers prefer the mobile applications with high speed to make their life simple, easy and get everything done on time. Speed is the key factor that helps in app promotion. At this point, the hybrid mobile application comes in the picture where we do not need to worry about speed as they work a lot faster than a native application. The credit goes to the technology and framework used in the hybrid applications which makes it work faster than native and mobile web applications even when you have poor internet connectivity.

4) Offline Usability: Like native apps, hybrid mobile apps use the use the API of the device in order to store some useful information offline. This is a prominent advantage for customers who prefer to save money spent on data or have poor connectivity with their mobile devices, and in this way, these customers get attracted with offline usage capabilities associated with hybrid apps.

5) Easy of Integration: Similar to native mobile apps, Hybrid App Development uses the internal programming language of the device in order to synchronize with other compatible apps and inbuilt applications such as camera, GPS, messaging etc. This property of Hybrid applications allows the developers to avoid the problems faced during integrations and provides the best possible user integration and customer satisfaction.

6) Simplified Maintenance:  Unlike a web application, a hybrid app is designed to make use of all the features available in the mobile device. Native apps also use all the device features, but it is quite a challenge for users and developers to maintain the same. Developers have to roll out new updates in the form of new versions and users are required update the app every time a new version is launched. A hybrid app bypasses versioning and makes app maintenance as simple as updating a web page, that too in real time. This level of flexibility further facilitates the scalability needs of an enterprise.

7) Resource Availability: Web technology is used to build the application by Hybrid mobile app development which make resources easily available to develop an application. Cost and resources need to develop Hybrid app are easily accessible by the organizations. Hybrid applications are cheaper than native apps, so there is no need to invest a big amount of money in developing an application.

A hybrid application is a perfect combination of distinct elements, approaches & technologies, which leverages on both web and native mobile technologies. Kanhasoft is the leading mobile app development agency in India. Our experienced mobile application developers are experts in hybrid mobile apps that offer a unique & excellent user experience.